10 Interesting Facts About Russia Probably You Might Not Know

While you consider rose as the best gift to women Russian people associated the flowers with the bad luck and funerals. Here are some more interesting and fun facts about Russia..

6 years ago
10 Interesting Facts About Russia Probably You Might Not Know

You might have seen countless action movies involving funny images from Russia, featuring exotic places and a kind of nation which is famous in many ways. However, you could ask yourself who really Russians are? What do you know about them and why it is so famous? Probably, you know every in and outs of Russia, so we have compiled some lesser known interesting facts about Russia which might are new to you.

Source = Nationalgeographic

1) Trans - Siberian Railway

Source = Worldatlas

The Trans- Siberian Railway is the single and the longest railway in the world. It measures 5700 mile and departs in Moscow and crosses into Asia. Plus, it this railway makes its way to the Ocean port of Vladivostok and ultimately ends its journey. Can you guess how long it takes to reach the destination point? It takes 152 hours and 27 minutes to complete (if non-stop) this entire journey. This railway crosses 87 cities, 16 rivers, and 8 time zones.

2) Russia Has The 3rd Busiest Metro

Source = Wikimedia

Do you know that nearly 6 million people step into the Moscow metro daily? One of the interesting facts about this metro is, you never have to wait for more than 40 seconds in between the trains. This busiest metro in Moscow is considered as the 3rd busiest metro around the world. Following the first Tokyo and second Seoul, Moscow has 12 lines and nearly 6 million people ride every day.

3) World’s Least Friendly Country

Source = Wordpress

Yes, you read it right; Russia is considered as the world’s Least Friendly Nations but why? Because Russians are taught not to be friendly in school…well, this one should not be the case. And despite being in anger, Russians are friendly I guess…

4) Russians do Believe In Superstitions

Source = Themoscowtimes

Russian people believe superstitions play a major role in their life. From rubbing a dog’s paw and that too only with left hand to toss a coin into the Peter the Great’s boot, there’s a lot of superstitions. But one of the interesting fact about Russians is they believe that the first to enter the new house would die soon, so they send a cat first in their new home but if cat refused to step in the house, they completely break the structure and rebuild at another location.

5) Women Here Walk With 6 Inch Heels

Source = Wordpress

Russian women never fail to impress the visitors. Popularly known as the land of shoes, Russian women easily walk with the 6-inch stilettos and never imbalance...

6) Village Of Suzdal Covers Only 15kms But Has More Than 50 Churches

Source = Wikimedia

Russia is truly an exotic place. Though the village of Suzdal consists only 10,000 people it gives pleasure and charm to the visitors. This small place covers only 15 km but has more than 53 churches, each church with dazzling spots. (17.1)

7) Women Ratio Higher Than The Men

According to the reports, there are 10 million more women than men in Russia. This imbalance is because it is believed that Russian more men die during WWII. (17.2)

8) Largest And Oldest Museum

Source = Saint-petersburg

he hermitage here comprises of 6 buildings and more than 3 million exhibits. If you spent only 2 minutes gazing the exhibits in the hermitage it would take you long 6 years to explore each and every exhibit. Founded by Catherine the Great, this hermitage museum is also listed as the oldest and the largest museums in the world.

9) Gifting A Rose Is A Kind Of Bad Luck

Source = Telegraph

While you consider rose as the first and the beautiful gift to impress your girl, Russian men never give a single flower to their girl. The flower is just a sign related with funerals and is considered as the bad luck. Well, this one is seriously interesting…

10) Russia Is The Largest Country That Covers More Than 1/9th Portion Of Earth

Source = Nationalgeographic

Talking about the land area Russia measures a total area of 17,075,400sq km and covers the 1/9th portion of Earth’s area. Overall, it is 1.8 times larger than the size of the US.


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