10 Most Famous Caves From Around The World

Caves are one of the most beautiful creations of the mother Earth. There pristine beauty captures the attention of tourists from all over the world towards them.

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10 Most Famous Caves From Around The World

Caves have always allured the people for ages. Earlier they were used as shelters to protect themselves from dangerous animals and rain at night. But now many of these caves have turned into the world heritage sites because of its uniqueness.

Travelers from all over the world come to see there incredibility. These caves are not only beautiful but also majestic. These caves are spectacular with an ultimate beauty which makes people feel as they are in paradise. Its heavenly beauty brings unforgettable memories to people’s life.

Here is the list of 10 longest cave present on the planet Earth:

1) Ajanta Ellora Cave

Source = Wikimedia

Ajanta Ellora is the world heritage site of India. It is one of the famous tourist destinations. It was constructed in the 2nd century by cutting the cave to build the monuments and sculptures. These rock cut caves contains the magnificent paintings of Ajanta.

It is one of the finest examples of the Indian art. For all those who love to enjoy panorama, it is the best site to visit. This cave is the amalgamation of Buddhist, Jain, and Hindu monuments. This place will make you feel light and divine.

2) Glowworm Cave

Source = Ytimg

This cave is located in Waitomo on the north island of New Zealand. It is a popular tourist attraction in the world. It will make you feel heavenly with its enchanting beauty. It is because of the arachna luminous,  glow worms which are found only in New Zealand, particularly in this cave.

It appears as if we are watching the night sky. It so amazing that the scientific advisory group keeps track of the atmospheric condition of this beautiful place. They even send an only limited number of visitors in a day. If you are planning to visit New Zealand than do experience the illuminating beauty with your eyes.

3) Kungur Ice Cave

Source = Squarespace

This ice cave is situated near the town of Kungur Perm Krai Russia on the bank of Sylva river. This cave is famous for its ice formations and exceptional civilization.

Around 1,00,000 people visit this cave every year. In addition to the tourist activities, there are a lot of exploration and excursions tours which occur every year on this prominent site.

4) Carlsbad Caverns

Source = Thousandwonders

Carlsbad national park is situated in Guadalupe mountains in New Mexico. This place is famous for its show cave which is known as Carlsbad Caverns.

The cave is the largest chamber of limestone with 225 ft high, 4000 ft long and 625 ft high. This cave is the third largest in North America with limestone chamber and it ranks in seventh place in the world.

5) Sai Cave

Source = Kanchanaburiresorts

Sai cave is located in Khao Soi Ram Yot National park in Prachuap Khiri Khan area in Thailand. The cave is situated at the end of the hillside with amazing structures of stalactites and stalagmites.

People who love adventure find it a wonderful site to visit in Thailand. Sai cave is one of the most appreciable sites in Thailand.

6) Silver Cave

Source = Staticflickr

This cave is found in the Guilin city of Guangxi province of China. The cave is popular for its sparkling beauty which is due to silvery stalactites.

This slippery sparkling beauty is available in three layers of caves which are running in 12 hills making it the national scenic spot. There are other famous sightings which include jade pool wonderland, snow mountain with waterfall and music stone screen.

7) St. Michael's Cave

Source = Enjoyourholiday

St. Michael Cave is found 300 meters above the sea level in Gibraltar. It was formed by the seeping of rainwater in the mountains. The rainwater dissolved the limestones into carbonic acid.

It is the most well-known place in the rock of Gibraltar. Near about 10,00,000 visitors visit this extraordinary site to see the mesmerizing beauty of mother nature.

8) Postojna Cave

Source = Postojnska-jama

Postojna Cave is 20 kilometers long formed at the Pivka river in Slovenia. Since its formation, it has become a tourist destination even official guided tours have been organized.

In second world war Germans used the entrance to keep barrels inside the cave. In 1944 these barrels were set on the fire as a result of it the entrance has turned into black.

9) Reed Flute Cave

Source = Worldfortravel

Reed flute cave is called so because of the reed growing inside the cave. These reeds can be used as flutes naming the cave reed flute. This cave is said to be 180 million old.

It has been a tourist attraction for more than 1200 years. This cave is found in the Guangxi province of China. The cave was rediscovered in 1940’s. The various stalactites and stalagmites are present in multi-colored lights making it the most beautiful sight to visit.

10) Thien Duong Cave

Source = Vietnampackagetravel

This cave is declared as the UNESCO world heritage. This cave is 31 kilometers long and was discovered in 2005 by a local man.

The place is no less than the paradise. Thus it was named as the Thien Duong which means the paradise on the Earth. The cave is situated in the Phong Nha Ke Bang national park of Vietnam which is near the Dong Hoi city.

These are some famous caves from all around the world which you must visit once in your lifetime.


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