7 Countries’ Locals Share Things That Tourists Do & They’re Truly Annoying

Here are a few incidents shared by locals that tell how tourists annoy them. They become too excited and prove their stupidity.

4 years ago
7 Countries’ Locals Share Things That Tourists Do & They’re Truly Annoying

Traveling is often a fantastic experience. You get to know about different cultures existing in the world, you meet new people, make friends, and most importantly, it boosts your confidence. But people don’t know that traveling in different countries has certain restrictions. For instance, you can’t eat chewing gum in Singapore, jelly cups are banned in the UK, and tomato ketchup is banned in France. Here are other foods that are banned across the world.

Also, if people travel to new places, they forget that it is not their country, and its residents love it. Sometimes, there is Overtourism, and too many travelers visit a particular destination. This sometimes creates problems for the residents. It was last year when WTTC (World Travel and Tourism Council) listed over 40 cities that suffered the most due to Overtourism. It is clear that by Overtourism, the locals there are affected the most. 

When the country welcomes educated people, it also welcomes the crowd that violates the rules of the country. Here are a few cases or incidences when people shared the things that tourists did that annoyed them. 

1. Brazil

Source = Aljazeera

When you come to Brazil and visit a favela, then don’t take pictures of it like it is an attractive place. You don’t know, but people there live a tough life. This looks ridiculous when the residents are asked to smile for the camera. It is a slum area located on the outskirts of the country. Sanitation is a major problem there. 

2. Northern Ireland, Great Britain

Source = Tourismireland

The most common thing that annoys residents here is when visitors ask them if Northern Ireland is north of Ireland. They are two countries. So, before you come to Northern Ireland, make sure that you have Googled everything about Northern Ireland.

Source = S6img

Another thing is never to ask them about politics. People here don’t care about the geopolitical status and do not like talking about it. You could get into trouble if you start the political conversation with anyone. 

3. The Netherlands

Source = Stuff

Do not tell residents there that they are like Germans. Neither they look like them nor sound like them. Also, use bikes only when you are left with no option. Bikes make less noise than cars. People are ready to help you anytime, but if you walk in the bike lane, then you would be mowed down. 

4. London, Great Britain

Source = Ytimg

London’s royal guard wear the funny headwear. But they are not a tourist attraction. They have guns that could have bullets. Do not make funny faces and tease then when you see these royal guards with headwear. 

Also, do not stop in the middle of Oxford Street rush hour to take pictures in front of every shop window. Well, I have to say that it is irritating! Do not give money to the levitating Yodas on the streets. They are not beggars but performers. 

Do you know you can’t have sex on a parked motorbike and can’t clean your doormat after 8 a.m.? Here are other weird British laws that you should know before visiting Britain. 

5. Scotland, Great Britain

Source = Carolinescooking

Many tourists who visit Scotland buy kilt and wear it to click pictures and to post on social media. But kilt is not a casual dress; it should be wear on funerals and weddings. Also, do not look for Nessie; it doesn’t like tourists. So, better you stay away from it. 

What’s more annoying is when the tourists order Scotland’s local cuisine and then complain. Haggis is a local cuisine that contains sheep’s pluck mixed with stock, onion, spices, and oatmeal. It has ana amazing taste, and it is not anyone’s fault if you didn’t like it.

6. The Philippines

Source = Philretailers

It is noticed that most of the tourists walk on the streets in underwear. But not the entire Philippines is beachfront. Wear at least enough to cover your body in the malls and restaurants. 

7. Norway

Source = Travelandleisureindia

Do not say- 

“I’m going to Oslo. What’s your best advice for seeing the northern lights?” 

For your kind information, Oslo is extremely far from the place where you can capture northern lights. Stop showing off that you are going to capture this rare phenomenon. 

Final Words

Next time, if you plan to travel to any new country, make sure that you do not do things that could annoy the residents. Take a vow that you would never do these kinds of things anywhere on the planet. 

Do you know other things that tourists do that annoy the locals? If so, then share your views.


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