7 Zero-Gravity Places on Earth That Turned Out to be Tourist Attraction

You won’t believe it, but there exist several places on the earth where gravity doesn’t work. Have you ever been to these places?

4 years ago
7 Zero-Gravity Places on Earth That Turned Out to be Tourist Attraction

You must have read about the gravity phenomenon in your school books. It is a natural phenomenon by which mass-energy, including stars and galaxies, are brought towards one another. 

It is said that gravity holds everything existing on the earth and draws them towards the center of the eath. Because of the gravitational force, we can walk on the earth. But several places on earth exists where gravitational force becomes zero and gives birth to a strange phenomenon. 

So, if you are planning to head off to some exotic location with family, why not plan to visit these places where you could learn and experience new things? Below listed are amazing places on earth where you can experience this phenomenon.

1. Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz, California

Source = Mysteryspot

Mystery Spot is the favorite destination of the tourists. The place was first opened for the public in 1939. The laws of gravity seem to disappear here as balls could roll uphill, and people could lean over their toes without tumbling over. Mystery Spot was first discovered by George Pather in 1939. 

People claim that there is an irregularity in the magnetic field here, and this could be seen in 150 square feet of the circular area. You could see the flow of in the upward direction, changes in the size of things, and deflection of magnetic compasses at different angles. 

What’s amazing is you could stand at any angle without falling. Even though these effects are an optical illusion but, it is fun visiting the mystery spot. 

2. Cosmos Mystery Area, Rapid City

Source = Blackhillsbadlands

Cosmos Mystery Area is a natural phenomenon that is exciting and mind-boggling. You can stand here at any angle without falling. Many tourists visit this place to experience puzzling sensation again. 

If you have ever tried standing on the wall but fell, then try this experiment at Cosmos Mystery Area. You could also see the ball going upward and other phenomena here. 

3. Spook Hill, Florida

Source = Tripsavvy

Spook Hill, in Florida, is a gravity Hill where cars appear to roll up the hill in Lake Wales. If you stop the car on the hill, then you will see the car is being pulled towards the mountain. It is also known as a magnetic hill or gravity hill. 

4. Magnetic Hill, Leh

Source = Traveltriangle

Magnetic Hill is a small route that stretches about 30km from Leh towards Kargil. On this route, you will see the road ahead going uphill. Turn off your engine and keep your car in neutral. You will see the car will start moving automatically. It could go up to 20-25kms per hour. 

It is believed that there is a magnetic force that pulls the car towards it. Some say that aircraft increase their altitude when they pass this area. While some visitors say this is magic, others believe that it is an optic illusion created by the surrounding hills. 

5. Hoover Dam, Nevada

Source = Steemitimages

Hoover Dam is a popular concrete arch-gravity dam located in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River. It is originally called Boulder Dam but was renamed as Hoover Dam for President Herbert Hoover. 

If you ever visit this Dam, then try an experiment with water. Take a water bottle and pour the water over the dam. You will see that water will not flow down; instead, it would go up. Do you know why this happens? It is because of the updraft that the structure of the dam creates. 

The water is carried by the wind. The dam is 725ft tall. You could also try an experiment by throwing a light object; it will not fall but would float in the air. 

6. St. Ignace Mystery Spot, Michigan

Source = Tripadvisor

In the early 1950s, some surveyors were working on the Michigan Upper Peninsula. One day they found that their equipment stopped working properly. They discovered this problem occurred in a circle with 300 diameters. Animals also avoid coming to this area. 

People do a variety of tricks here. They stand on the wall, keep the chair on the wall and sit on the chair, and do other experiments. After staying for a long time, you will notice that your head would become lighter. 

7. Reverse Waterfall, Maharashtra

Source = Mildtown

This amazing waterfall is located in Naneghat. It is a mountain from where the waterfall flows in the reverse direction. 

It is also known as Nana Ghat, which is a mountain range near the Konkan coast and Deccan plateau. This happens because of the wind force that pushes the water upwards. It offers a stunning view and a place that should be added to your bucket list

Final Words

These places welcome millions of tourists every year. If you have never visited any of these NO gravity places, then make a plan right now. 

Also, if you have visited any of the above places, then what was your reaction after seeing the magic? Do you know other places on earth where this phenomenon doesn’t work? If so, then share them below.


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