7 of The Most Important Voyage Items Every Travel Bloggers Should Pack

No wonder, for the travel blogger packing is one big hassle, from clothing to tech stuff to other accessories it takes a lot of time to accomplish the packing pretty logically.

6 years ago
7 of The Most Important Voyage Items Every Travel Bloggers Should Pack

Traveling Turns You Into A Storyteller” - A well-suited line for the Travel Blogger/Writer

Whether it is a weekend chunks or a long trip, packing is undoubtedly one big hassle, especially for the travel bloggers as it can make or break your trip. Everyone wants to look beautiful and smart but when it comes to travel essentials “comfortable” is the word that really makes a difference in your outing.

Here you need to think like an avid travel blogger, make sure that you have access to things you need. That is what travel packing is about. Right?

Well, from clothing to tech gadgets there are N numbers of things that you have to pack strategically to accomplish your travel packs. After all, it’s more about seeing the gorgeous places, understanding the location, history and trying out its cuisine so make sure you end up with things you feel comfortable in.

Are you a travel blogger? Have you got stuck with packing? No worries this article will tell you how to do packing like a travel blogger. Keep on reading to lessen your packing stress

1) Clothes To Pack

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Well, that’s the basic requirement but get tricky at times. It might vary according to the type of your journey, place and climatic condition of your destination. As a travel writer you have to move frequently from one place to another and so, you have to be quite choosy about what you wear. For example, if you are moving to some cold location, then warm clothes, sweaters are a must. While on the other hand If you want to explore some summer-inspired location then, keep the clothing stuff just like that.

Hold on I am not done yet, keeping clothes as per the climatic condition is a basic thing but, what about the fashion? Just because you are a travel writer doesn't mean you are not supposed to dress-up well according to fashion. Whether you are writing for a place, food or any other stuff incorporating your picture moment in your blog will give an opportunity to flaunt and connect with your readers. So, carry some trendy clothes followed by few accessories and you are good to go.

2) Some Tech Stuff

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It’s 2018, and we the new-age people just can’t live without our tech gadgets, especially our smartphone. Isn’t it true? Well, I must say in many cases it is absolutely true but, here I am not talking about only Mobiles. Of course, it is a very important gadget to carry but don’t forget to carry your high-tech or smart camera and your laptop or MacBook. Macbook or laptop well you are a writer so, I don’t think I need to say much about this gadget but make sure you carry your camera, a small light pole or lamp with you.

Camera because as a travel writer you may need to capture the picture of the place or anything so that later you can integrate into your blog and lamp because, if you are in some peaceful place like beach and writing at evening so you may use it. In addition, you can carry headphones, power bank,  portable socket and cable cords.

3) Folding OR Portable Chair & Table

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Look, it’s not mandatory stuff to carry, it's optional,  completely depends on your comfort zone. If you are ok with sitting on anyplace and write then you don’t need to carry it but if you are someone who loves proper setup while writing then the portable chair is just for you. Also, you can take it anywhere, anyplace like the beach. Just Imagine mid-sunny day followed by the beautiful beach and a portable chair and you are all set to play with words.

4) Gorgeous Notebook

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If you're not cool with writing on some outdoor place, then you can carry a gorgeous notebook with you. You can write down the little moments and emphasize the points you have noticed during your trip and later on add it to your blog. Also, some people are really fond of the gorgeous notebook stuff they prefer to craft a structure of their blog prior to write it.

5) Cosmetic Stuff & Accessories

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Your hotel may have a face cleanser but surely they won’t give you some important cosmetics that are mandatory while traveling. Whether you are male or female products like Sunscreen, Body lotion, lip balm, perfume, etc are the basic essentials that a travel blogger need to keep in his/her backpacks because you never know when you need it. Along with these cosmetics don’t forget to carry additional accessories like comfortable footwears (make sure you pick the shoes that don’t pinch you and let you walk and run comfortably), hats, sunglasses, etc.

6) Passport Holder

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If you are a travel blogger, then you have to spend a lot of time in road trip also, chances are your belongings will get a little bit hurt or damage and your passport too. It’s good to carry a passport holder with you in order to keep your passport protected all the time.

7) Great Music Collection & HeadPhones

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Music and writing both are the deep and intense art and they connect amazingly with each other. If you are a travel blogger, then don’t forget to carry your branded headphones followed by great music list on your smartphones. The music builds peaceful aura and helps you heal your tiredness and gives you the opportunity to think more astoundingly. You can try this on your next traveling.

Follow these tips and get ready for your next excursion and live with no excuse and write without no limits.


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