12 Reasons Why India is a Unique Country (#11 Would Make an Indian Truly Proud)

India has progressed in several fields. It has the best remote sensing capabilities in the world and is like another planet.

4 years ago
12 Reasons Why India is a Unique Country (#11 Would Make an Indian Truly Proud)

You must have heard of the phrase ‘Unity in Diversity.’ It makes India different from other countries. It is a secular state and has no religion. 

India is the birthplace of major religions like Sikhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. The diversity in cuisines, weather, and landscape makes India a preferred choice of several people. 

Here are other reasons and facts on why India is like another planet.

1. Indian Calendar Shows 6 Seasons

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While the world has four seasons, the Indian calendar shows six seasons. The traditional India calendar describes six seasons as: 

  1. Spring: Mid-February to Mid-April
  2. Summer: Mid-April to Mid-June
  3. Monsoon: Mid-June to Mid-August
  4. Autumn: Mid-August to Mid-October
  5. Winter’s Eve: Mid-October to Mid-December
  6. Winter: Mid-December to Mid-February

While the climate of northern India mostly changes according to the seasons, it is less evident in Southern India.

2. It has a School That Takes Plastic and Not Money as School Fees

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In this era, where the schools are demanding high tuition fees, an Indian couple ‘Parmita and Mazin’ created an unconventional school in India where students carry bags full of plastic to school. They made a positive change in the community environmentally and educationally. 

This step makes it easier for underprivileged people to go to school and also helps in reducing the plastic that could be thrown away. 

Do you know alternatives where you could save the environment and also provide education to poor students?

3. People Traveling in India Via Railways Every Day is Equal to the Population of Australia

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It is known that India is a second populous country after China. You would be amazed or may be shocked to know that the population traveling in India in railways every day is equal to the population of Australia. 

Can you imagine how many people commute in India every day?

4. You Could Get Vegetarian Food at McDonald’s

In India, around 80% of people follow Hinduism. People promote vegetarian diets and look for vegetarian dishes when they go to restaurants or anywhere outside the country. While the world is trying to follow vegetarianism, this is the choice of Indians for a long time. 

So, if you are a vegetarian, you don’t have to worry about veg restaurants and places. Also, if you are a meat lover, you could find several places as well. 

5. You Would Not Find Toilet Papers in India

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Indian toilets do not have toilet paper. They do not like to use paper; instead, they prefer using water. So you would find a mug and a bucket in Indian toilets. However, some Indians use toilet paper at home and carry them while they travel. 

6. Residents Do Not Have Doors on Their Houses

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In India, there is a famous temple town named ‘Shani Shignapur’ where locals do not have locks outside their houses. They believe that they are protected by God and couldn’t be harmed by anyone. It got its first bank in 2011. 

You won’t believe it, but banks there also do not have locks. They have a thin curtain near the doors as privacy for women. Sometimes, they use a thin sheet as a barrier to keep the stray animals away from home.

7. India is a Country of Festivals

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India is a religious country, so it is obvious to say that it has several festivals that are dedicated to gods and goddesses. As a fact, it has the highest number of festivals in the world. Every festival here is celebrated uniquely, and one thing is in common, i.e., they are colorful and full of excitement. 

For instance, Holi is the festival of colors and signifies the victory of superior over evil. It is celebrated with enthusiasm on the full moon day in the month of Phalgun. Here are other cultural festivals that are celebrated uniquely in different parts of the world.

8. India Has the Highest Number of Winners in Miss World Competition

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India is also a land of beautiful people. You would be surprised to know that the country has the highest number of winners in the Miss World competition. 

Out of the Miss World winners so far, the country has six winners from the competition. So, along with colorful festivals and delicious dishes, you could also get the company of beautiful people here. 

9. Chess and Chutes and Ladders Introduced in India

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Games like chess and chutes and ladders are the favorite pastime of the kids. The original name of Chess is Chaturanga, which means divisions of an army and is thought to come in the 6th century AD. Chutes & Ladders was called Moksha Patam. The game was associated with the Hindu philosophy of karma and kama.

10. Everything Here is Affordable

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While you have several countries around the world that are expensive and couldn’t be affordable by everyone, India, on the other hand, is very inexpensive. Spending a night in India could be done for less than $20. 

Traveling from one city to another would cost you less in comparison to other countries. Accommodation plus meals here would save a lot for your next trip. Also, keep these things in your mind if you are traveling to India for the first time. 

11. Greenery in India Has Risen in the Past Years

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If you are an Indian, you would be happy to know, according to NASA, greenery in India has risen in comparison to other countries. Over the past 20 years, while deforestation is noticed around the world, India has contributed a lot to the environment. In 2017, India set the world record for planting trees. 

Over 65 million trees were planted in 12 hours. Not only in India, but people in other countries are also planting trees for good reasons. A Brazilian couple replanted over 1500 acres of forest in 20 years, giving a home to over 500 endangered animals and plants. Don’t you find this amazing?

12. Out of 8000 Languages in the World, India Alone Has 1600 Languages

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While several countries have two or probably three languages, India alone has 1600 types of languages. About 122 are classified as major languages, and nearly 30 of them are spoken by a million people. 

Also, do you know that after the US, India has the highest population that speaks English? Another fun fact about India is that despite having 1600 languages, it doesn’t have any official (national) language. 

Final Words

To celebrate India’s diversity, visit India if you haven’t. Ranging from religions to languages and beautiful history to flora and fauna: the country is loved by all. Though India has the worst traffic congestion, it has several things that would make you want to visit again.

Do you know other facts about India and the reason why it is like another planet? If so, then share them.


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