Moeraki Boulders: Things to Do & Why it is a Must-Visit Place for Explorers

Moeraki Boulders are known for their unusual sizes & spherical shapes. They were created by the cementation of the Paleocene mudstone of the Moeraki formation.

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Moeraki Boulders: Things to Do & Why it is a Must-Visit Place for Explorers

This time, where are you planning to have fun with your folks? If you haven’t planned yet and are looking for a beautiful destination with a peaceful atmosphere and a little adventure, then you can add Moeraki Boulders on your list. 

It is a well-known tourist destination and welcomes millions of visitors from around the globe. Many of the boulders here are spherical and have cracks in them. The boulders look like giant bowling balls and are fun to climb on. 

Oral Tradition and Origin of Moeraki Boulders

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The legends describe the Moeraki boulders as the remains of calabashes and eel baskets. The patterns on the Moeraki boulders are the remains of canoe’s fishing nets. It is believed that the main body of the Moeraki boulders was started to form in the marine mud, near the surface of the Paleocene seafloor. 

There is no real explanation about how Moeraki boulders were formed. The common belief is they formed on the seabed around 50-60 million years ago through concretion. The waves have eroded the mud and released the boulders onto the beach. 

Things to Do at Moeraki Boulders

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If you are visiting Moeraki Boulders for the first time, then make sure that you plan to stay here for at least 3-4 days. Apart from boulders, several attractive places are here to entertain you. 

For some, it is like embracing the moment of peace; for others, it is an adventurous spot. The place offers an amazing cycle trail, braided river jet boating, heli biking, snowfields, and more. 

Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail is known as the jewel in the crown of New Zealand’s 22 Great Rides. The adventure begins from the foot of Mt Cook and travels from glacial-fed lakes to golden tussock mountains. It offers something for everyone. Right from kids to adults and newlyweds to older people, everyone can visit Moeraki Boulders anytime.

1. Katiki Point Lighthouse

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Catch an awesome view of wildlife like yellow-eyed penguins, royal spoonbill, black shag, and seals from Katiki point lighthouse. It is also popular as Moeraki Lighthouse and is monitored by Maritime New Zealand. The wooden tower stands 8 m high and 58 m above sea level. 

The Katiki Wildlife Management Reserve provides a protected area for animals. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars when you visit the Katiki point lighthouse. With binoculars, you can get a chance of spotting birds throughout the habitat. 

2. Moeraki Viewpoint

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One of the amazing points to capture the mesmerizing view of boulders is from the Moeraki viewpoint. The millennium track is easy to climb, and the view from here is awesome. 

3. A Beautiful Church

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A beautiful tiny church that dates back to 1862 is a worth visiting site. It is the oldest surviving Maori mission building in the South Island. 

4. Fishing and Lunch in Amazing Restaurants

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One of the amazing things to do in Moeraki boulders is to go on a fishing expedition. Plus, you can find several delicious seafood cuisines to make your day. Moeraki’s Tavern and Fluer’s Place are the two best restaurants where you could have lunch and relish the flavors of seafood. 

Alternatively, if you prefer having a peaceful day, then head towards the beach and watch the sunset. Swimming and fishing are considered excellent throughout the year. The expert fishing guides are also available, depending on the time of your visit. 

How to Reach Moeraki Boulders?

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This beautiful place is located on Koekohe Beach between the towns of Hampden and Moeraki. The way to reach Moeraki boulders has impressive sightseeing that can be captured on state highway 1 from north to south.

If you are coming from the north, then Boulders are nearly 40-50kms south of Oamaru. And if you are traveling from the south, then boulders are 1-1.30 hr drive towards the north of  Dunedin up state Highway 1. 

There are no accommodations at the beach. However, you can find accommodation at a holiday park. It is only 5-10 mins drive from Moeraki boulders. Also, Oamaru is 30 min away from the beach. 

The Best Time to Visit Moeraki Boulders

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Explorers prefer visiting Moeraki Boulders during low tide. It occurs twice a day and during sunrise. However, the day looks attractive all day long. During sunrise, you can see several photographers capturing the moment. 

The lights are stunning and highlight an amazing view of the moment. Early morning or late night is also the best time to capture the breathtaking view. You can also visit Moeraki boulders during stormy conditions. 

Final Words

Every single boulder is fascinating and unique in its way. Apart from Moeraki Boulders, these beautiful places are also worth visiting anytime. Have you ever visited this place? How was your experience - Yay or Nay?


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