The Faroe Islands: An Exotic Destination With Spectacular View in Europe

If you haven’t visited the Faroe Islands in Europe, then you are missing one of the most beautiful locations of the earth. Find out what Faroe has to offer you.

7 years ago
The Faroe Islands: An Exotic Destination With Spectacular View in Europe

Located 320 kilometers north-west of Scotland, the Faroe Islands or Faeroe Islands cover around 1400 sq-km with a population of over 50,000 as of 2019. The island is interesting to explore as it covers all- hiking and biking for adventure seekers, mesmerizing views for nature lovers, and delicious meals for foodies. 

With amazing landscapes and more sheep than people, the place is worth visiting. The site has around 80,000 sheep with 50,000 human residents. The sheep provide warm and wooly wardrobes to the locals. Initially, it was settled by Norwegian Vikings in the 10th century and has now become a favorite destination for hikers and mountain climbers.

Music lovers know about this place as it hosts many music fests throughout the year. Also, it is a recognized place for adventurous sports. So, if you are planning to tick the Faroe islands on your bucket list, know more reasons why it is popular and when is the best time to visit this place.

10 Reasons to Explore The Faroe Islands

Below are the reasons to pack your bag and to head to this exotic location.

1. The Total Population of the Place is Only 50,000

The people of Faroe have their government. It is an amazing place that stands out unique in several ways. The place features steep green mountains and coastline that resemble a few parts of Iceland. Also, the sheep here are unique and native to the island. You can also find Faroese goose and duck here.

2. 22 Hours of Sunlight During Summers

Yes, you read it right. From June to September, the place sees summer days with 22 hours of sunlight. That means you have more time for climbing, hiking, and exploring. Sounds great! So book your tickets for summer as it is the best time to explore this spectacular island.

3. Hoyma Music Festival

Faroese musicians show an incredible piece of music in the Hoyma music festival. The festival means Home in the local language. During this time, the locals here open their houses to tourists and other locals. A nominal fee provides access to the music festival and allows you to enjoy music, ranging from folk to unplugged. 

What’s interesting is, the festival is open to all ages. G Festival is also one of the best festivals celebrated in Europe. If you need a particular reason to visit the island, this could be one. Check out more amazing art and culture festivals that are celebrated uniquely.

4. Travel One End of the Archipelago to the Other in a Day

You can also plan a short trip to the Faroe Islands if you don’t want to spend more time here. It has an amazing system of ferries that takes you from one end of the archipelago to the other. On the way, you can notice a jaw-dropping landscape. Each volcanic island here has extraordinary cliffs and stunning harbors. 

If you are lucky, you can get flight tickets as low as $80. A flight from Reykjavik to the Faroe Islands can cost you around 100$.

5. Breathtaking Views and Unusual Shades of Green

The Faroe Islands shows an unusual shade of green during summers. The sparkling Blue Ocean and the beautiful sight of mountains with plunging valleys capture a picturesque beauty that you would keep in mind forever. 

During rainy days, you can also see rainbows stretched out of waterfalls. Every time you look around, you will get unusual beauty scenes that are hard to find. Every nook of the Faroe Islands is worth exploring.

6. Low Crime Rate

When you travel to any place for the first time, it is obvious to think of theft and crime rates. But you don’t have to worry about crime here as the Faroe Islands is well known for friendly locals with low crime rates. 

So, if you are planning to visit the Faroes, do not worry about crime happening with you. Not only the Faroe has low crime rates, but several other countries in the world are also known for being peaceful with extremely low crime.

7. Ease of Travel

You might not find the Faroe Islands easily because it is not remote as you might think. It is in the middle of the ocean, but you can get transport easily from Bergen and Copenhagen. Once you reach these places, you can hire a car to get around. 

Most people choose to explore the Faroe Islands through the road. It is the best way to reach the site because you explore over 15 gorgeous islands on your way. Alternatively, you can also join a couple of tours instead. 

If not car or tours, you can also take a ferry to reach the Faroe Islands. It is a great option for those who want to try something different.

8. Plethora of Restaurants

The Faroe Islands is a perfect vacation spot for those who search for exotic cuisines. The site has several top restaurants that take dining seriously and offer visitors delicious meals.  Áarstova in a historic building in Downtown Tórshavn offers local cuisines in three or five courses. From traditional cooking in the home of locals to a range of foods, this small place offers delicious meals that are worth tasting.

9. Kalsoy Island

Kalsoy island is located in the north-east of the Faroe island. It is an isolated island where no bridge or tunnel is linked to it. It has steep peaks, rugged valleys, and is considered as the best place for hiking. 

The western and northern coastline of the island is recognized as bird area by BirdLife International. It is a breeding site for Atlantic puffins and black guillemots. Islands are always peaceful with breathtaking views. 

But several islands are creepy as hell and are filled with bizarre stories. For instance, the Island of Dolls in Mexico is recognized for hanging dolls all over the island. Here are more mysterious islands with a dark past. Don’t worry! Kalsoy island is peaceful and welcomes tourists every year.

10. A Visit to Tórshavn Would Give You a New Experience

Torshavn is the largest city of the Faroe Islands. It is not only the smallest capital in Europe, but also in the top 20 of the smallest capital cities in population and size. It only has around 14,000 people but several recognized designers and world-class cuisines to attract tourists. 

It could be the smallest capital but has everything from shopping centers to restaurants. This capital is a place where people have time for each other, and life moves smoothly.

Faroese Architecture That is Inspired from Danish Architecture

The architecture in the Faroe Islands is inspired by Danish architecture and Norwegian. The housing pattern developed here changed from isolated farmhouse to villages. Later, when fishing became the main work, new villages were founded. 

Until the end of the 19th century, the houses here were made of wood with black and white painted windows. With growing years, the houses were replaced by larger houses with carved details but of wood. 

The houses are painted in vibrant colors. Though they are attached in a row, every house has its shape and color, making the site a colorful place. Apart from the Faroe Islands, these colorful places in the world are making everyone fall in love with them.

Check Out the Video Telling about The Faroe Islands in Detail:

Final Words

It is reported that by 2020, three huge hotels will open along its shore. There will be a rapid increase in the number of tourists visiting the Faroe Islands. It is the best time to visit the place before it goes out of your budget.

The next time you plan to visit Europe, don’t forget to add this beautiful location on your list. The Faroe Islands has covered it all- right from hiking to diving, and birdwatching to bicycling. It is the coziest city with several brightly painted houses and beautiful old town. The place reminds us of how beautiful nature can be. So when you are planning to visit this peaceful island?


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