Sisak – India’s First LGBTQ Movie Trailer will Give You Goosebumps

When it comes to sex education, LGBTQ talks, female foeticide, etc India is still lacking behind in these terms. Faraz Ansari’s 20 min short film “Sisak” us just about the two men who met in local train compartments and came close, but due to this heinous society rules kept mum about their feelings to each other. Sisak trailer is launched by B-town actor Sonam Kapoor on 30th January 2017. 

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Two young men (Dhruv Singhal and Jitin Gulati) who took same train every day, met and as the film progress, they come close enough to have feelings for each other. Sisak is India’s first LGBTQ story that is giving us a peek to explore more about homosexual feelings. 

The film gives you a hard hitting story of men falling in love and everything between them. LGBTQ’s are seen as the other part of the society but why? The trailer is beautifully carved and looks mesmerizing though. The film silences the typical societies that believe LGBtQ’s are some other people. Ansari has also worked as an assistant director to Amol Gupte’s in Stanley Ka Dabba (2011). The film is all about the burden of unspoken feelings and poor society.

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Source= “Faraz Ansari”

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