10 Killer Domestic Products That Can Cause Death, Beware!

Multiple cosmetics and detergents are dangerous for us; though we don’t stop using them. Here is the list of the most harmful products that you might with a high probability, find in your house.

Car polish

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Inhaling the car polish could lead to pulmonary edema that means water in the lungs.

Drain Cleaners

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It contains hydrochloric acid and lye and many others. So it’s very harmful and toxic if you breathe them, swallow them or if they come in contact with your eyes and skin.

Antibacterial Soap

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Do you think these soaps kill bacteria? Yes they do, but, they also kill the good ones and make you expand drug-resistant bacteria in its place.

Pesticides and repellants

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They badly affect our nervous system.

Air Freshener

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Most of the air fresheners make a thick film of oil in the nasal passage and include a nerve deadening agent that weakens the ability to smell. Many contain phenol and formaldehyde.

Bleach and Ammonia

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Its fumes when they mixed together can be lethal.

Furniture Polish

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It includes nitrobenzene that gets absorbed by the skin, it is extremely flammable and can cause lung and/or skin cancer.

Dishwasher detergents

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Packets that look like candies but have really high concentrations of chlorine. It is the highest reason behind accidental deaths in kids.

Floor Carpet Shampoo

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These include perchlorethylene (a carcinogen that harms the nervous system) and ammonium hydroxide (a caustic that causes irritation in eyes, skin and respiratory passages).

Oven Cleaner

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Iye is the major element in an oven cleaner that is used to dissolve grease in your oven. It harmfully effects from swallowing or breathing.
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