10 Amazing Lessons You Should Learn From Mr Olympia Jeremy Buendia

Jeremy Buendia is an fitness inspiration for people from all over the world, there is a reason why he has been so successful at what he has been doing. Don’t look for the reasons take some lessons from the fitness sensation right here, that can change your lives.

6 years ago
10 Amazing Lessons You Should Learn From Mr Olympia Jeremy Buendia

Jeremy Buendia was born in Roseville, California. At high school, Jeremy became a standout linebacker at Whitney High and earned an all-league honours despite playing his senior season with a bulging disc in his neck and lower back. Buendia got started in bodybuilding in part due to his footballing injury, but mainly as his father was a non-competitive bodybuilder in the 70’s. Buendia first began competing at age 17.

In an interview Buendia mentioned his father, how he’s been an inspiration for him since his childhood

"My father was a non-competitive bodybuilder in the 70’s and I grew up watching him workout every morning at our home gym."

He added further

"I was fascinated at the way his body looked and knew straight away that when I was older I would follow in his footsteps."

According to Buendia his motivation comes from his fixation of self-improvement. He has been brought up believing that there is always room to grow and excel in every aspect of life. Bodybuilding gives  the ability to physically see yourself grow and change. He hates losing and it has never been something he has been good at.

1. Jeremy Is A Very Persistent Professional

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He got injured during a high school football match, which forced him into the weights room to strengthen his body, and since then, he never looked back.

2. His Consistency Is The Secret Of His Success

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Buendia has been competing professionally with the IFBB since 2013 and was the winner of the 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 Mr. Olympia Weekend Men's Physique competitions.

3. He Takes His Shortcomings For Challenges

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There were many competitions, where for some reasons he came in second. He didn’t get disappointed for losing, instead he worked harder to emerge as a champion of champions.

4. Buendia Didn’t Have To Look Far For Inspiration, He Found His Inspiration In His Father

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He found his life changing inspiration not far from home but in his elder brother and father, whom he had been seeing lifting weights and following a healthy lifestyle.

5. He Thinks “Being A Champion Is Not An Action But A State Of Mind”

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Mental strength and the will to keep on working hard to make yourselves better plays more vital of a role than physical strength and genetics. And that’s what Buendia believes keeps him going.

6. He Never Settles For Anything But The Triumph

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The Only thing that makes him keep winning these competitions is that he never settles for mediocrity. Mediocrity will never take you where you want to go instead it will just keep you where you are.

7. And He Never Lets Excuses Come In His Way

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Whenever he wins a titles he strives for more, he plans to dominate the Men’s Physique world and seems to be doing just that. For him losers make excuses.

8. With His Zeal He Made His Passion Into A Living

In the image of his brother and father he started working out at a very young age of 17 and realized that the fitness is his calling so he pursued it with great determination and as a result he stands where he is now.

9. He Believes In Constant Self-Improvement

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His drive to become the best comes from his philosophy and fixation of self-improvement.

And boy! Did the fixation of self-improvement helped this guy?

10. He Chooses Patience And Determination Over Shortcuts

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He doesn’t promote the use of steroids neither does he consume, apart from supplements like Isolate Whey Proteins. All of his gains are believable given the time it took to get that ripped.


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