7 Sleeping Tips That Every Woman Should Follow During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not easy. Pregnant women experience a lot of changes in their bodies, like increased stomach size, frequent urination, and sleeping discomfort.

7 years ago
7 Sleeping Tips That Every Woman Should Follow During Pregnancy

Every woman faces unusual and uncomfortable body changes during pregnancy. They face discomfort while sitting, standing, and walking. A pregnant woman also experiences a change in her sleeping position. 

It doesn't feel as comfortable as it used to, and this is all because of the symptoms like increased stomach size, frequent urination, back pain, and shortness of breath.

Here are some sleeping tips that will help a pregnant woman with having a sound sleep.

1. Do not sleep on your back or stomach

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If a pregnant woman sleeps on her back, her abdomen rests on the intestines and major blood vessels. And when the belly and baby grow, sleeping in this posture becomes more and more uncomfortable.

There isn’t any specific guideline about when pregnant women should stop sleeping on their stomachs. However, most women discover that after nearly 24 weeks, sleeping on their bellies is not comfortable anymore.

2. The left side is ideal for sleeping during pregnancy

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The expecting mothers are advised to sleep on their left side, especially during the third trimester. It helps increase blood and nutrient flow to the fetus, uterus, and kidneys.

3. Use special pregnancy pillows during sleeping

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For night-time comfort, the special pregnancy pillows can help a pregnant woman greatly in sleeping well. Also, reduce the back pain by sleeping towards the left side and bending knees and hips, keeping the pillows between knees, under the abdomen & behind the back.

4. Trimester-wise changes in the sleeping pose

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In the first trimester, it is safe for a woman to sleep in any position she feels comfortable, be it on her back, side, or stomach. As the uterus doesn’t grow large enough to hinder the sleep, any combination of the above positions is also fine. However, hormonal changes, night-time hunger, nausea, and other pregnancy symptoms may make sleeping even harder.

And as we already mentioned, a woman should ideally sleep on the left side during the second and third trimesters. In this position, the blood flow is maximized to the uterus without laying pressure on the liver. Also, a pregnant woman having hip or back pain can get relief by placing pillows between knees during sleep.

5. Avoid taking fluids two hours before going to sleep

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It is essential to stay hydrated during the pregnancy period. However, to reduce the late-night trips to the bathroom, do not drink too much water or fluids before bedtime. 

Also, avoid eating spicy foods before bedtime as it can increase the chances and severity of heartburn at night. And do not eat heavy meals before bedtime as it makes the food digestion harder during the sleep, distracting it from working on the body repairs it needs to make for the next day's activities. 

If you feel hungry as the bedtime nears, have a light snack like a banana, crackers & cheese, or a small bowl of cereal. 

6. Wear loose clothes during sleeping

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Put on loose and comfortable nightwear, not some tight clothing. Prefer wearing cotton fabrics that make you feel all comfortable as you are asleep.

7. Keep yourself away from stress and anxiety for a good night’s sleep

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Worrying, especially during the night, prevents you from having a sound sleep. Keep in mind that it doesn’t help at all. Seek a friend or a professional’s help if there are problems in your life that are leaving you worried or anxious. 

In pregnant women, insomnia usually results from unresolved stresses, especially with issues related to the baby like labor, how good a mom you would be, balancing work and family, and others.

So these were some useful sleeping tips expecting mothers should follow during the critical times of pregnancy. 

Final Thoughts

This period of pregnancy may be full of challenges and embarrassing moments, but it surely is the most memorable and beautiful experience for a mother-to-be. And here are some valuable things every new mother should know.


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