5 Symptoms of Diabetes That You Should Never Ignore

Diabetes is a chronic condition that is associated with high level of glucose in the blood. Its causes are a group of metabolic diseases either because of inadequate insulin production or because of body cells not responding properly to insulin or both.
Patients suffering from diabetes have high chances of leg amputation, kidney failure, heart diseases and more fatal diseases that may end your life.

Here we are discussing symptoms of Diabetes that shows how your body reacts when you suffer from this disease.

Excess urination

Patient runs to the washroom several times in a day “Because of extreme glucose in your body, patients have to often go to the washroom; this may enhance the chances of dehydration.”

Chronic fatigue

“This is because of excess urination.”

Weight loss or gain and constant hunger

“Diabetic patient’s weight rapidly decreases, but even in that situation also you will continue feeling hungry.” You could face weight loss if u have Type- 1 diabetes and weight gain in Type-2 diabetes.

Skin Problems

“Diabetes patient may also have skin problems like vitiligo, large blisters, canker, and many more, that can decrease the beauty of your skin.”

Daibeties causes other problems

Diabetic patient may also suffer from other diseases and infections. “Infection is the most common sign of diabetes. Women who suffer from daibeties may also suffer infection in the bladder and vagina. ”
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