6 Life-Threatening Diseases Can Be Protected By Water Intake

It is impossible to imagine a single day without water. Water helps to every human part for better functionality.  It’s a necessary part for every creature and it also plays a crucial role in treating diseases.

Composition of a Human body

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Human adult body contains up to 60% of water. The heart and brain are composed of 73% water and the lungs are composed of approximately 83% of water.

Constipation Problem

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It is the most common problem experienced by many people and it can be improved in 2 days.

Gastric Problem

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Unbalanced eating habits increases gastric problems that can also be healed within 2 days.


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Water helps a lot in diabetes. It can be controlled within just a week.

High Blood Pressure

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The problem of High Blood Pressure is healed in a month by water.


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A life-threatening disease like cancer can also be treated within a month.


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Tuberculosis can also be cured within 3 months.

Fit and Healthy

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Not just an unhealthy person can have water but also a healthy person can have to maintain body fit and healthy.
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