How to Differentiate Between Real and Fake Honey

Did you know that honey has fake counterparts? If not, read these simple experiments and use it to test.

Get to know what organic or real honey is

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Organic and natural honey is derived from honey combs made by bees. While honey mainly created from plants' nectar and serves as the bees’ meal for winter, it has been found that it has good and healthy properties, which is favorable for humans.

What is fake honey?

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Fake honey is industrially prepared, synchronized and manufactured for extensive consumption. There are some non-honey properties that serve to sweetening, thickening and darkening agents. What makes it frustrating and alarming? Apart from non-healthy sweet syrups (such as corn syrup), sugars, flour and molasses, artificial honeys are integrated with sawdust and sands. It is only frustrating; even these foodstuffs are subjected to iniquity business and deception. For you to ensure that you have purchased the original honey Here are some simple tests applicable.

Be sure with the vinegar test

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Set a few ml of honey, use 2-3 drops of vinegar essence in it and mix well. If the mixture becomes scummy, the honey is artificially manufactured. Why? Sugar and other elements, other than honey can react to the acidic elements of vinegar, making the entire thing foamy.

Thumb Test- Anyone can try?

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It is perhaps the simplest way to differentiate the original from the fake. Put a drop of honey on a marked area of your thumb, then notice. Do you see the liquid fall or spread out somewhere? That’s fake!

Mix it with water

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Take a tablespoon of honey and then pour it into a glass of water. Original honey will settle down through the bottom; otherwise, it’s fake.

Fire! Fire! Fire!

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For this type of test, you will require a matchstick and some source of flame triggers. You only have to dunk the phosphorus end of that stick into the honey then place it in the fire. If this flames, it means that honey is original. It’s fake otherwise. Why? Honey is considered to be a flammable component.
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