Is Vein Pain the cause of your restless nights?

Veins are flexible and vacant tubes with flaps inside them that are called valves. When the muscles shrink, these valves open and blood moves through the veins. When the muscles calm, the valves close, carrying the blood flow in one direction by the veins.

Know the vein pain:

Vein pain is a sign that indicates that your veins are painful and achy. It is common in legs and may happen in various other veins or due to poor circulation (venous insufficiency).

vein pain

This vein pain signify a serious condition like deep vein thrombosis that is a blood clot in the leg which can break loose from the leg and be the reason of pulmonary embolism in the lung, phlebitis, stroke or heart attack.

Symptoms that occur in vein pain

vein pain symptoms

These signs are result of varicose veins or venous insufficiency (poor circulation)

1.   Leg symptoms

·        Leg pain or swelling

·        Enlarged visible vein

·        Common bacterial skin infection (Cellulitis)

·        Rash

·        Feeling heaviness in the legs

·        Skin discoloration like bruising

·        Hardened tissue under the skin

·        Throbbing or cramping in the legs

2.   Other symptoms that may happen along with vein pain

·        Fatigue

·        Body ache

·        Fever

Serious life-threatening symptoms are:

·        Chest pain

·        Difficulty in breathing

·        Sudden or severe vein pain

·        Bleeding

·        Absent or diminished pulses

If you experience rapid or severe vein pain, then find instant medical care as this may signify a life-threatening condition like a blood clot within a vein (venous thrombosis).

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