Isn’t it amazing! Your fingers can control your emotions

Life is turning very hectic day by day and you may not get satisfactory time for doing exercises or yoga. But, you don’t have to worry about this anymore as here is an early Japanese method of touch therapy that you can do by yourself to steadiness the energy and emotions by motivating the meridians of your hands.

You will be stunned to know that some dots on your fingers and palm can keep you away from calling doctors or purchasing costly medicines so often. It’s just an art of balancing the life energy in the entire body. Once your energy has been balanced, you will take pleasure in emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health.

hand exercise

According to this belief, every part of the hand is linked to diverse emotions or organs as follows:

  • Hold thumb to relieve worry: Thumb linked with worry, sadness, tension, emotional pain, stress, depression, anxiety, grief, stomach issues, skin circumstances and headaches.
  • Hold Forefinger for fear: It related with fear, back ache, gum issues, mental confusion, digestive problems, frustration, kidney and bladder.
  • Hold middle finger for Anger: It connected with anger, fatigue, headaches, relationships, rage, resentment, irritability, cramps and circulation.
  • Hold ring finger for grief: It shows anxiety, fear of rejection, preoccupations, negativity, digestion, skin conditions, lungs and intestine, respiratory problems.
  • Hold little finger for trying too hard: It is connected with nervousness, family, bloating, sore throat, low self esteem, blood pressure, insecurity, heart and intestine.

Palm for fatigue, depression, despondency and diaphragm.

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