Miracle Happens When You Cover Your Feet with Aluminum Foil

Scientists have discovered a...

10 months ago
Miracle Happens When You Cover Your Feet with Aluminum Foil

Scientists have discovered a wonderful fact about aluminum foil as it can be the perfect and hassle free alternative for harmful and expensive medications. It has been proved that aluminum foil acts as an exceptional substitute that helps in curing multiple health issues.

Used in:


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People who suffer from burn marks or get burnt somehow can wrap aluminum foil on the affected area that can help a lot. It alleviates pain caused by fire, hot oil or other liquids. Thus initially use cold water and after drying it, apply the aluminum foil over it.

Muscle and Joint pain:

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Aluminum foil prevents muscle cramps in the body. It’s very active in healing the muscle pain. It also hinders agony in the neck, spine, knees, arms, feet and joints.

Post-operative scars:

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Many people are embarrassed of Postoperative scars and want to get rid of that. Hence, wrapping aluminum foil can help fade those scars effectively that are left after an operation or a cesarean and even get rid of that pain caused by it.

Against Flue and Cold:

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Aluminum foil is a weapon against the infections. As a matter of fact, it can assist you in curing cold within few days. You need to wrap the foil around the feet in layers and include cotton or paper between them. Repeat it after every 2 hours. Look fresh after sleepless nights: Every girl or woman wants to look fresh even after a sleepless night or against the traces of insomnia. For them, aluminum foil is a boon. Keep the refrigerated foils on the eyelids and cheeks until you feel relaxed. It’s a great way to look stress free and fresh. Post-Amputation Pain: The pain caused by an amputation that is also known as Phantom pain can be reduced by using the aluminum foil.

How to use it?

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Apart from wrapping the foil on your feet, you need to keep the foil on the painful spot, despite of the side of the foil to use and wrap it with a bandage. Place it for a day or overnight. Do it for 8-10 days constantly and then take a week or 2-3 weeks break. If you don’t get relief then repeat the process again.

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