Press This Point on Your Finger and See What Happened Next

If you are the person who is uncomfortable with taking medicines much, then you should not miss this information. The science of reflexology has the power to replace the use of medicine. Pressurizing the specific points can bring the shocking results to your fitness.

See the chart that shows what point in your hands is connected to what organ.

Source = Wittyfeed

Lungs and heart are linked with the thumb.

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If you rub and draw your thumb, you can even test out your heart beat and breathing easily.

The colon and stomach with the forefinger

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If you suffer from stomach pain and constipation, try massaging and pressing the forefinger for about 60 seconds.

The respiratory system, heart, blood and small intestine are linked with the middle one.

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Extending and rubbing the middle finger is a treatment for nausea, insomnia or dizziness.

Ring finger- key to your mood

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Rubbing the finger can produce lighter mood, relaxed feeling and decreasing stress.

The neck, head and kidneys are connected to the pinky.

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Neck pain, headaches and kidney problems can be reduced by rubbing this little finger.

The palms

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Clapping hands enhances the blood circulation in your body as the palm is accountable for the nervous system.

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