Humor – 6 times things were taken So Seriously that made people Laugh

Human beings look after their job seriously. But sometimes this seriousness mistakenly made clans to scoop bad out of it that transforms it into the hilarious situations. Watch out a quick glimpse of seriousness made by people that was noted on the internet and got changed into the funny one.

Name the Shapes – The poor baby seriously named the shapes just like Sam and Bob.

Ice cream Burger or Ice cream Sandwich – It seems that the cook was the newbie in the field and just filled ice cream inside the buns.

Alert – Do not Step Your Foot Outside – LOL!! He is seriously an intelligent boy who had really kept his feet inside the house.

Define What is Hard Water? – Strange but True! The Answer given by the Student is Ice!

You should exactly write what did you Want? The question asked in the paper – Where was the American Declaration of independence was signed? Again Correct at the bottom, but this was the best one!

Half Cheese and Mushroom Pie – The Pizza man took the note seriously

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