Humor- Find the Odd one Out in These Pics

With the increase in the digital world, smart phones are the only option that remains with individuals in every circumstance and obviously these mobile phones are substituting all the real life conversations.  There comes a selfie craze and everyone is picking the odd ideas to click the selfies. Here is the list of some photographs that were clicked right but apparently they express different meanings.

Wrong reflection –The pic on the TV shows some movie and the reflection of the TV on the table is expressing something different. Horse Really!

Reading Mistake –The Board is showing the picture of the dogs with a prohibition but the Letters on the board are reading out something different... Is it Logs or Dogs?

Mix of two’s - Definitely what you thought was wrong! That is the Leg of other girl besides her.

Are they One – Absolutely not, they are two different persons.

Guy is Useless in the Photo/ guy has Messed up the Photo – the guy peeping out from back just fouled up the beautiful pic of the girl in the car.

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