6 Super Cool Shoe Hacks That Make You Feel Comfortable

You brought a pair of shoe and they are badly uncomfortable to wear. They are your favorite but you are not able to wear them as they are not comfortable. Do not worry Friends? I have a solution. Which you can try to ge rid from those awkward moments and problems. Here are some magical hacks that you can try with your shoe. And wear them without complaining. Try these Super hacks that will solve your problems.  

6 Super Shoe Hacks That Reduce Your Problem

Want To Make Your Shoes Less Slippery?

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Rub your shoe sole with sandpaper and get a better traction.

High Heels

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Tie tape on the third and fourth finger of your foot in order to maintain the balance.

Want To Avoid Shoe Noise?

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Try this out, Place baby powder inside your shoe sole it will help to avoid the distracting noise.

Want To Put your Foot Into Someone's Shoes?

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Fill the freezer bag with water and put it on the shoes Keep the shoes in the freezer for 6-8 hours at least 6-8 hours. It will expand. And you will easily wear them for your purpose.

Stinky Shoes?

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Place Dry Tea Leave Bags into smelly shoes. That will help you to get rid of stinky shoes.

Slippery Heels?

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Put an innersole on your heels. Share these magical and cool hacks with your friends that will help you to solve your problems of shoes.
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