Moles On the Body Speaks Something Personal About You

Mole on the Cheek :

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If a person is having a mole on the right cheek the person is more sensitive whereas, mole on the left cheek says that a person is shy.

Mole on Chin or Mouth :

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Person having mole on chin or upper lip depicts that the person is beautiful. It is also believed that they lead a balanced and a successful life. And they are known for their exceeding pleasant appearance.

Moles on Forehead:

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A mole on the right side of the forehead denotes the stardom, prosperity and prestige. The person is more religious and is always ready to help others. Whereas the mole on the left side of the forehead denotes that the person is quite selfish.

Moles on Nose :

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True to the word, people who have moles on their nose are usually short tempered and quite flirty types as far as they found their love of life .

Moles on Chest :

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The people having moles on chest or on breast lives luxurious life and are a bit lazy.

Moles on Palms :

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Mole on the right palms denotes that the person is rich and lives a luxurious life whereas mole on the left hand says that the person is a bit spontaneous in nature.
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