5 Most Awful Fans Cases Spotted In Stadium

When it comes to the sports, we are always ready for a big entertainment. But some incidents out there that have been happened in stadiums for many years. Ever wonder many cameras have been implemented to capture the live play and also it is useful for security purpose. These surveillance-cameras caught some people doing disgusting activities in stadium in recent history. Some people have addiction of S*x that they can’t stop themselves even in public places.  The cameras that kept busy for hours and hours are smart enough to catch some people doing non-sense acts in the stadium. Some are very infamous and lascivious activities performed by the fans in stadium, so have a look and prepare yourself for such utterly scandalized


 Here, we count down 5 most awful cases spotted in stadium

#5The Coliseum Lovers

This is the most infamous incident captured in the stadium. The couple was having sex at the baseball game at Oakland Coliseum during a game 1997.

#4 The ESPN 1995 Caputre

The couple was caught clearly kissing each other sitting on rocks. The guy is having great time.

#3 The UTEP Feeler 2008

The camera captured the very infamous activity done by three people the fingers were captured brief trips below clothing, and the women standing in the middle has her shorts unbuttoned by ESPN 1995.

#2 Marlins Baseball Game

Here is another famous instance caught between the Marlins game in 1993. The two were enjoying their own playing game.

#1 Australian Naked Football Fan at AFL grand Final 2014

A Scottish model Heather McCartney claimed to be drunked and take off her clothes in front of thousands of fan at AFL 2014 football grand final. She officially became the naked Australian football fan.
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