OMG! She Gave Birth to a Baby Girl At the Back Of Honda

Babies are the Gift of good. But this baby girl took birth in very miraculous way. 

Yes! Beth Newell a comedy writer and the creator of the reductress website lives in Mamaroneck New York. Beth gave birth to a baby girl in very miraculous way. When she was preparing herself to go to hospital for delivery. 

Things happened was pretty quickly, and uncommon. Yes Beth Newell gave birth to baby in the back of the Honda. The water bag broke down and the head of the baby is out. 

Beth told- 

“We quickly got into the car but didn’t make it five minutes down the road before my daughter’s head was out.” 

Beth Newell shared the photos of her baby girl. See the Beautiful Daughter here.

A Story of Different Baby Birth- In Honda

Source = Buzzfeed

The water bag broke and the head of the baby came out

Source = Buzzfeed

Most beautiful gift lovely baby girl

Source = Buzzfeed
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