You will have no fear of rain on your wedding now!! See how

What can be more daunting than rainfall on your wedding day? But what if this rainfall turns your wedding to a beautiful fairly tale… Getting your wedding pictures clicked in a downpour can be the loveliest thing that can happen to a wedding couple.

Although thinking about something like this in real life is not an easy thing to do but for this one couple, these downpours made their wedding the most memorable day of their life. Jessica Gower, 30 was continually checking the weather on her phone. As next day she is getting married to Nick. The day was misty and freezing cold, and she was really worried about the weather.

And finally the special day arrived. But as expected, it was rainy and cloudy. Jessica was stressed, as there were clouds in both the directions. There was no sign of rain to stop.

Then she decided to go ahead. And, get the photographs of her wedding clicked in the rain. And her last photograph capturing the intimate was like a fairytale; A moment for everyone to see.

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