Girl's Hair Scalped for Taking a Selfie

7 years ago
Girl's Hair Scalped for Taking a Selfie

Ever heard of a hair loss for taking selfie

We bring you some news like this in the article below.

Here is what happened

A girl about 16 years old was riding on a merry go round and suddenly she got an idea to click a selfie of her fun at the wheel. In an attempt to take out her smartphone and click a selfie, the girl got too close to the machinery of the ferris wheel which led to a horrifying accident.

The incident occurred in a small city named Baraut located over 40 miles north of Delhi. The wheel was set outside a college. But the girl remained calm while she was trapped in the wheel and people from the nearby rushed to her in order to get her rescued from it.

The girl’s friend was also crying seeing the pain and blood of her friend. Her hair got tangled in the metal of the wheel and dragged off as the wheel turned until it was stopped after people realized what had happened.

The girl was brave. She survived the accident and got her hair scalped very calmly. She immediately rushed to the hospital and is in the recovery stage.

This is not the first time when selfie has not been a cause of a human accident. Reports say that selfie induced accidents are as common as traffic accidents.


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