10 Hints that Says He Will Propose You This Valentine

Single Ladies! Start counting the days. The most romantic day of the year nothing but valentine is very near. If you have someone special in your life and he is acting so darn strange then most probably he will be offering you a ring soon.

Valentine Propose

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  1. If your friend is continuously dropping too much hints about him.
  2. His conversation, do not start with “ME” but yes with “Our”.
  3. If he ask you 100 times, about your plan for valentine day. Then surely he has set something surprising for you.
  4. He doesn’t want you to be alone on that day.
  5. He has not expressed any feeling yet, but he wants to spend that special day with you.
  6. He gets annoyed when you discuss anything about your past relationship.
  7. He teases you or flirt with you sometimes. Like in a way saying “someone is there who like you”.
  8. He likes to buy gifts for you.
  9. He asked you several times about your dream date.
  10. He wants to know everything about you like your favorite dress, color movies etc.


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