Amazing Food Delivery To Your Loved Ones By Dabbawalas

Every person prefers to eat hot and home cooked food. Dabbawala’s are doing this kind of work and delivers 2, 00,000 lunch boxes every day in Mumbai city by 5000 Dabbawalas. They predominantly use bicycles, railway local trains and carts to deliver lunch boxes. What’s attractive is that the Dabbawalas make less than one mistake in 1, 45,000 deliveries.

The entire Dabbawalas management avoids any mistake. Even the Dabbawalas don’t use any mobile technology. It’s very difficult to manage the entire thing without technology but the irony is that they are doing it perfectly.

They collect the home cooked tiffins from houses and deliver them in time for lunch to your loved ones at office with minimum charges. In a day the Dabbawalas handles 500 lunch boxes. They use alphabet for area determination like A symbolizes Andheri, B symbolizes Bandra, etc.

Watch The Video Below

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