Have You Seen These Micro Paintings By Raj Kumar Verma

Creator of the smallest book in the world, Raj Kumar Verma from Varanasi is a self taught artist. A shopkeeper by profession, Mr. Verma has not taken any training in arts. He has applied in Limca book of World Records in the year 2013 for his rare 0.64mm hand painted book consisting of 25 pages painted with micro miniatures of famous people.

He is the creator of the smallest hand written Hanuman Chalisa book which is just  1 cm in size and costs about Rs 1 lakh.

Raj Kumar Verma believes in all religions and has also created a micro copy of Darood Sharif which is about 1.5 cm. He initially got recognized after he painted an Image of lord Vishnu on a rice grain and Lord Hanuman on a pigeon pea grain (arhar dal). Raj Kumar Verma has also prepared a map of India using 880 grains of rice and is priced at Rs 15000.

Raj Kumar Verma was appreciated for his work by the U.P. chief minister Mr. Akhilesh Yadav, who has fixed Rs 15000 as encouragement money given monthly to Mr. Verma.

Source = Bhaskardaily

Source = Bhaskardaily
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