Meet the Kumarans - The Brilliant Gems of Indian Tech Industry

Sanjay Kumaran(12) and Sharvan Kumaran(10)  from Chennai are the co-founders of  GOdimensions which is a mobile applications  firm . The application has already witnessed 10000 downloads across the world. They have built four applications — Colour PalettePrayer PlanetAlphabet boardCatch Me Cop –which is available in both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Play store.

Their schedule is like other school going children and they program only between 6 Pm to 7:30 Pm. They were encouraged in the field of technology by their dad, Mr. Surendran Kumaran, who taught them basics of programming. The boy’s future plan is to develop a tablet called GOsheet as the thinnest and the lightest tablet in the world.

The boys have been taught to be humble by their parents. They donate 15% of their profit to the poor and needy. They have also been honored by Late President Mr Abdul Kalam Azad. The brothers have made their parents and India proud.

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