Minu Pauline - Introduced The Refrigerator For The Homeless

In India there are soo many homeless people and children wandering the streets. These people have to daily struggle for their daily bread. Some are soo famished that they start scanning garbage bins with the hope of finding some food that is still in edible condition.

But, humanity still exists for the homeless in an area of Kochi, as their guardian angel came in the form of Minu Pauline; she owns a restaurant named Pappadavada.

She started the refrigerator for the homeless outside her shop where leftover food is stored and any homeless people could come by and take food sufficient enough for him. She named the fridge “nanma maram” that means “tree of goodness”. Watch the video below of Pauline’s good will and humanity.

Watch the Video Here:

You can also watch another video here: https://goo.gl/Mf93Xz
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