OMG! Babysitter Slapping a Kid Caught in a Camera

When you are a working mom, it’s very common to hire a babysitter to stay with your baby while you’re not at home. But the only problem is how can you truly believe someone to take care of your baby? Whether a sitter is a family relative, or procured through an ad, guardian should always be aware with whom they had left their baby.

One best way to check if someone is honest and trustworthy with your kid is by installing a security camera. For this situation, the investment proved to be worth, despite all the trouble.

Cristina Ceril, The mother of a baby boy, had left the house with babysitter Eva Mantares. Cristina installed a security camera after knowing from neighbors that the baby often cries even when the babysitter is around. More terrible, the infant had wounds too.

Here in the video baby was asking nanny Eva for food to fulfill his craving. After this Eva began to slap the innocent boy continually.

You can see here how Eva looked outside to check whether others have noted her evil deed. At last in a video it has been found that, Eva herself was eating the baby’s food.

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