Omg! Mother killed her Daughters & Reason is Unbelievable

From the childhood we hear that ‘mother is god's best gift’. God cannot be everywhere... and so he created Mothers

Can you ever believe that the same mother who is worshipped as God killed her own child?  Obviously, no!!But let me tell you that this is a real incident.

A 27-year-old Marta from Przemysl has murdered her own two little daughters. The reason behind this was nothing but she discovered a tumor inside the mouth of her elder daughter.

The tumor inside her girl’s mouth was actually a kind of swelling. Marta was experiencing mental issues and was taking antidepressants before this alarming incident. Another shocking fact is that she also killed herself after carrying out this dreadful crime.

Look at these two girls, Maja – 5 year old and Olga -20 months. These girls were killed by their mother as she thought her elder daughter is suffering from cancer.

Source = Wittyfeed

This is Marta Galikowka, a depressed mother wounded her little girls and killed herself with the same knife.

Source = Wittyfeed

Her husband Marcin Galikowka(age-28) was not at the home during this incident. He was stunned when he saw the dead bodies of his wife and kids after returning back to home.

Source = Wittyfeed
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