People Who Wear Glasses goes through following 8 problems

Do you wear eyeglasses on a regular basis?

sometimes glasses make your life so uneasy. But you have to use it without making any complaint. Know the 8 worst situations that has been encountered because of eye glasses.

1. If you have glasses with high number, then you can’t see properly without wearing it. Sad but, all your morning starts with searching for eyeglass. Obliviously it’s not happy way to start your day.

2. Finding out which frame suits your face is a biggest challenge.

3. After wearing glasses you look hardworking and sincere person in your group, however you are not. But you still don’t find interest in comprehending their confusion about you.

4. Your glasses mess your face. It leaves blemishes on your nose. Still, you need to wear it on daily basis.

5. Having a great time of riding bicycles in rainy season is not in your destiny. At that time, you really wish to have wipers appended with your glasses.

6. It’s really loathe, when someone shows their fingers to you and request you to count them.

7. Your glasses can often break while battling with companions. Be careful! Your glasses are the (can be) main focus of your enemies.

8. It frequently happens when you don't remove your glasses while drinking hot tea or coffee. Then its hot steam shaded on your glasses.

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