Surprising - This 52 Year Old Woman looks only 20

Smile makes women look pretty. This proverb is absolutely true. No one can beat the beauty of a smiling woman.

Meet Pamela Jacobs, who is well known for her flawless skin, cheeky figure, and thick dark hair. She posses a look like a teenage girl. Having all these qualities in the age of 52 is something impossible.

Pamela Jacobs - The yummy mummy.

Mrs. Jacobs is a mom of 21-year-old son but she appears as a girl of age 20.

Her beauty secret is that she smiles a lot and appreciates life at its top.

She do not step out of her home, without applying sunscreen and exfoliates every other day.

She eats a modest bunch of almonds consistently. Likewise, she deals with her sugar level.

She have a make-up schedule that takes a five minute and utilizes Laura Mercier tinted lotion. She also takes steam bath for cleaning her body. Apart from all this she likes Greek brand Korres for makeup because it’s natural.
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