Bebionic Prosthetic Hand: World’s most advanced device for amputees

The bebionic prosthetic hand uses leading-edge technology and ergonomic, unique features of that offer exceptional functionality, versatility and performance.


Amazing features of bebionic prosthetic hand:

  • Individual Motors in every finger permit you to move the hand and grip in a coordinated or natural way. The motors are placed to optimize weight allotment – making the hand experience lighter and more relaxed.​
  • Soft finger pads and a broad thumb profile maximize the outside area and increases grip.
  • 14 Grip patterns and hand positions allow you to carry out a big number of daily activities with ease.
Grip patterns to ease daily-work
  • Powerful microprocessors constantly monitor the position of every finger that gives you reliable and precise control over hand movements.
  • Proportional speed control provides you accuracy control over delicate functions, so that you can lift up an egg or hold a cup of polystyrene as simply as crushing an empty can.
Proportional speed control
  • Foldaway fingers give natural looking movements and bend when you meet past persons or bump into objects.
  • Durable construction and advanced materials builds it stronger enough to handle up to 45 kg; so you can carry heavy objects.
  • Auto grip means no more accidents, as it automatically feels when a gripped thing is slipped and fixes the grip to protect it.
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