Say Hello to VOZZ Helmet and Stay Comfortable and Safe

Say goodbye to painful, uncomfortable and unsafe motorcycle helmets and welcome the amazing Vozz Helmet. With Australian design, VOZZ Helmet possesses a unique system that pulls it over your head using the chin strip.

VOZZ Helmet

Source: "thetrendler"

Amazing design:

  • This tri-composite VOZZ helmet is divided  vertically in two sections and is hinged at the top with a rear case opening that makes it simple to wear and take off, even while wearing glasses.
  • Pivot around the hinge is useful to lock in place using a small pressure. Once locked into place, it adjusts perfectly and can’t be removed by chance.
  • The chin strip is swapped by a fully flexible or adjustable chin cup so you don’t have to cast down your gloves to lock it again and again.
  • Should you be concerned in an accident, the helmet can simply be divided into two parts, making it probable for elimination without moving the neck or giving pressure to the head.
VOZZ Helmet


  • It is accessible online in seven different colors by the end of December.
  • Price has not been revealed yet.


The VOZZ helmet has been approved in USA, Japan, China, Australia and Europe. Apart from these the company is looking for dealers worldwide to supply the helmet.

Source- "Techeblog"

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