15 Unique Helmets With Extraordinary Features

Great motorcycle helmets can be found in abundance today. They come in varied styles, designs and features. More than just visib...

7 years ago
15 Unique Helmets With Extraordinary Features

Great motorcycle helmets can be found in abundance today. They come in varied styles, designs and features. More than just visibility, most of them offer air flow, comfort, and accessibility. Most of them are wonderfully stylish too. Buying the right helmet can make you feel better on the road. It also enhances your performance and gives you an unforgettable experience. Let’s take a look at some helmets with extraordinary features that are available today.

1. Reevu – A HUD Motorcycle Helmet

Source = Leftlanenews

Reevu was the world’s first rear view helmet. The rear view mirrors of cars and trucks cannot translate well into the motorcycle design. The HUD (Heads-up-display) of this helmet provides a real time display of what’s going behind you. This high tech helmet bends the travel of any light all the way around the shell just like the car mirror. Safety and comfort are high priorities of the makers of this helmet.

2. Lightmode Helmets – EL Wire Light Motorcycle Helmets

Source = Badasshelmetstore

Lightmode helmets enable better visibility of the road through the extra lights of this helmet. Wireless LED brake kits are also available for adding LED brake lights and turn the signals.

3. Livemap – The GPS & HUD Motorcycle Helmet

Source = Ytimg, Phonearena

This helmet combines GPS capabilities and HUD (Heads-up-display) with voice controlled interface. There is nothing else to say because

GPS + HUD + Voice Control = Awesome

Check out this video

Source= “LivemapNavigation”

4. Go Pro Mounted Helmet Camera

Source = Wk

Go Pro is a camera built specifically for sports recording. This camera has a huge fan base owing to its versatility. Experience the Go Pro for yourself.

Here’s how you can mount Go Pro on your helmet

Source= “MicBergsma”

5. Paper cycling helmet by Isis Shiffer

Source = Guim, Derstandard

This EcoHelmet is a cheap collapsible cycling helmet for the protection of those using city bike sharing schemes. It is made out of waterproofed recycled paper and the unique honeycomb pattern softens blows. The helmet can be reused a handful of times. Shiffer hopes to sell these helmets from vending machines at $5 per helmet. They will soon feature a color changing strip in the design that would alert the cyclists when to discard it. She also received the James Dyson Award for this innovative helmet.

6. Invisible bike helmets

Source = Izhsh

Invisible bike helmets not only provide protection but also allow lady bikers to show off their beauty while driving. It is a Hövding device which is worn on neck while driving. With even the slightest impact, the nylon hood gets inflated and covers the head of the driver, thereby protecting them from accidents. The design was prepared in Sweden in collaboration with the airbag manufacturer Alva Sweden.  The price of this helmet is n a higher side. It costs around $577 and has to be changed after every impact. It is better to spend money on this helmet rather than suffering in hospital.

7. MET Idolo Helmet

Source = Met-helmets

MET Idolo is ideal for those riders who need a helmet that goes till the extra large. It is equipped with Safe-T E mid fit system’s micro metric adjustment that provides best weight with comfort ratio. The 360 degrees retention ring fits easily around the head and ensures a painless wear. There is also a rear reflective sticker and an integrated rear LED light with a steady blinking mode that keeps you safe in darkness and low light.

8. Nitrinos HS-15 (Moto Sparta)

Source = Nitrinos

Moto Sparta is a combination of the functionalities of motorcycle helmet and recognizable features of the ancient warrior equipments. It is designed with the use of 3D technologies. The composite structure of the helmet made with Kevlar ensures high strength of the shell. The inner portion is detachable for maintenance and cleaning. The four channel adjustable ventilation ensures air cooling for the driver.  Different color options are available for the helmet.

9. Nitrinos Predator

Source = Yandex

The Predator helmet is an outrage against the outdated approaches of helmet designs. It has an incredibly bold and eye-catching design. The exceptional design is also supported by modern composite manufacturing technology which ensures the safety of drives. Predator also comes with four channel adjustable ventilation system. The quick release system of visor allows its easy change depending on the light conditions.

10. Shark Raw Helmet

Source = Revzilla

The Shark Raw helmet combines style with up-leveled protection. It bridges the gap between the traditional full faced helmet and half shell open helmet. It is made of thermoplastic resin shell. The face mask and goggles are detachable. The helmet’s interior can also be removed for cleaning purposes. It is equipped for the installation of Bluetooth capabilities. With the tight fitting face mask and goggles, the helmet is a lot quieter.

11. Neko Helmet

Source = Ytimg

Neko is another extraordinary helmet from Nitrinos. Each helmet is equipped with single light protective visor and integral folding sun visor. It has a removable lining made out of 100% polyester along with double ventilation. The body of the helmet has fiberglass ears, which do not pose any danger in case of accident.

12. Bell Revolver EVO Helmet

Source = Pinimg

Bell Revolver EVO Helmet ensures extreme protection and durability in around $200. It is made out of composite polycarbonate alloy materials. There is a redesigned chin curtain that keeps out cold air. The refined seals on eye ports reduce noise from the wind. Bell helmets ensure ventilation system that does not allow moisture buildup and controls the temperature. You can also tint the visor for protection against sun. The eye shield has anti-scratch features and UV protection benefits. One can also add Bluetooth accessories to Bell Revolver EVO helmet.

13. Shark Evoline Series 3 Helmet

Source = Veggettiscooter

Shark Evoline is built exceptionally strong. It is manufactured out of injected thermoplastic resin. There is an automatic chin bar that unlocks visor at the same time. The visor is anti-scratch and anti-fog. The aerodynamically designed helmet is strong and has enough cushioning to protect you from the effect of any crash. Shark Evoline provides you with both styles of full face and open face helmet along with quality and durability.

14. Torc Bluetooth Helmet

Source = Badasshelmetstore

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets enable you to listen to you favorite songs since they have built in speakers. Some manufacturers like Torc provide them with installation but otherwise kits are also available that can convert your custom motorcycle helmet into a beat box.

15. Skull Motorcycle Helmets

Source = Pinterest

Skulls have been a part of motorcycle culture for as long as the existence of bikers. It is an instantly recognizable, powerful symbol of danger. With its iconic symbol, there is a fashion sweep for this helmet. Riders also carry these helmets to alert others for the approaching danger. Some try to express themselves as macho and tough. It is also a symbol of free spirit, rebellion and non-conformity. While the design of this helmet is really attractive, priority is always the safety of riders and these helmets fulfill it to your level of satisfaction.


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