9 Major Difference Between Brits And Americans

You are probably wrong if you think that Americans and Britain’s are same. Below are some differences between Brits and Americans that might shock you.

6 years ago
9 Major Difference Between Brits And Americans

At first, you may be thinking what’s there to write for British and Americans? They are same, they share the same language, have shared same history, looks quite similar…however, beyond all these points, there are a number of facts that makes them different from each other.

1) Owning A Gun Creates A Huge Difference Between Brits And Americans

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Do you know that American people are fond of their guns? You can’t even understand why the Americans have guns all over their places. Though, it is not 100% true that every American holds a gun but it is true that America holds the highest rates of gun ownership in the world.

While Britain people do not walk with the guns. You won’t believe but even Britain police don’t have guns. Moreover, they form a relationship of trust with people there. Sound’s good isn’t it?

2) Americans Hate their Ancestors, Britain Love Their Family

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When it comes to a political dynasty, American people tend to vary out of anything. They value their freedom and anything like that of political legacy makes them remember the days when they were under the control of ruler.

British on the other hand have an immense love and respect for the country’s history and feel a certain love for their queens and leaders.

3) Americans Have Straighter Teeth, Britain Just Not Worry About Whitening

Source = Odishasuntimes

This may sound you weird, but it is true. Britain people don’t worry about the cosmetic appearance of their teeth, and doesn’t believe in any saying that depicts that their teeth look bad or worst. Contradictory to this, Americans are obsessed and wants to look perfect as possible.

4) In Britain Eggs Are Left Unrefrigerated

Source = Toptenz

British people actually store the eggs in open without any refrigeration which makes an American think that this way they are spoiling the eggs. Refrigeration is just a waste of electricity. While Americans store the eggs before use. No matter what, it would be recommended to wash the eggs before use and cook it through the appropriate temperature.

5) Drinks In The Britain Is Rarely Served With Ice, While In America It Is A Kind Of Necessary

Source = Leeabbamonte

The major difference between Brits and Americans is that in the USA, every drink that is served contains ice. The Americans also joke about British people for having a beer that is not chilled (not containing ice).However, in Britain chilling every drink, or the drink that is served should contain ice is not much widespread.

6) Americans Are Idealistic, Britain People Are Down To Earth

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One stereotype that may give you positive vibes about Americans is that no matter what they find good in every situation, this makes them more idealistic and positive towards life. Unlike to Americans, people in Britain are more negative to the world. But not to forget Britain people are more down to earth than Americans.

7) Americans Are More Religious Than Britain People

Source = Spuc

The Americans are considered to be religious as compared to the people in UK. Nearly 75-80% of people in the US relate to the kind of Christian denomination and remaining particularly doesn’t believe to be necessarily to be atheist. While in Britain people are not at all religious. Only 30-35% of people are identified as religious.

8) British Humor Preferences are Indirect, American Humor is Loud and Direct

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Another point that makes Brits and Americans different is about their humor. British humor differs than American humor and in a way that it goes over the heads of the Americans!! Yes, you read it right! And this not because that American people are not able to get the joke instead they are not used to being so nice to humor.

British humor tends to be clever and often sarcastic while American humor is all about creating jokes direct on your face.  (You don’t have to think hard in making fun)

9) British People Always Use Fork and Knife in Their Dinner

Source = 4vector

This may sound true in most cases, British people always use fork and knife to have their dinner, and some may even eat burgers with fork (sounds weird) (2.1)


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