10 Facts About Tree Octopus That Will Soon Disappear

You might be wondering about what a tree octopus is and where is it found? Why is it endangered? How can we protect it? Let’s find out answers to your questions by looking at some unknown facts.

6 years ago
10 Facts About Tree Octopus That Will Soon Disappear

The list of endangered species is rapidly growing because of the human interruptions in the natural environment. The loss of natural habitat is an alarming concern for all of us.

A newly known species Tree octopus of North Pacific region is another creature which is going to be added to the endangered species list. Biologists are concerned over the fate of this species because it is the only one which gives evolutionary clues about how life migrated from sea dwellings to the land and specifically to the trees. There are some life forms which are so strange that you would not believe on them.

Here’s a list of some facts about tree Octopus that will bewilder you :

1) Native Place of Tree Octopus

Source = Zapatopi

You will find this specie in the high trees of Washington's Olympic National forest in the Northwest Pacific. They are found in the water of Puget Sound. But when they get mature enough, they move towards the arboreal existence.

They move and jump from one branch to the other with their eight arms. They are elusive creatures that are difficult to find.

2) Physical Appearance Of Tree Octopus

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They are found to be of 33 centimeters in length and 6 feet in diameter. However, they are believed to be shy and moves with their tentacles. This process is known as 'tentaculation'.

3) Diet Of Tree Octopus

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It is believed that tree octopus eats plants and insects which they find in the forest. They are carnivores and thus, eats tree frogs, toads, eggs and young hatchlings.

4) Tree Octopus has Ability Of Camouflage

Source = Zapatopi

They have the ability to rapidly change themselves according to the changing environments. Thus, they are known as Camouflage which changes its colors according to its moods.

5)Tree Octopus Is An Intelligent Specie

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They are an intelligent as well as an inquisitive being who explores the arboreal world with touch and sight. They have evolved themselves from the dimensional environment of the sea to the complex maze of the coniferous temperate rain forest. It has the largest brain of any mollusk in the world.

6) Also Known As Whip Tailed Octopus

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North Pacific Tree Octopus scientifically known as Octopus Paxarbolis and is commonly termed as whip-tailed Octopus because it has eight arms which look like a rope and is therefore used for jumping from one branch to another.

7) Tree Octopus Are Cephalopods

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They are an ambitious cephalopod, just similar to the other cephalopods. Cephalopods are marines animals which have small tentacles. The birth of the tree octopus is like every other octopus species.

It spends most of the time living in the aquatic environment. Both over millions of years octopus have developed amphibians skin thus they can live both in the land as well as on the water. They have adapted themselves to inhale oxygen like humans.

8) They Do Not Exists On Their First Place

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The greatest threat to tree octopus is that they do not exist in their first place. Octopus is a sea creature and their home will always be sea water. In spite of evolving, some characteristics and survival conditions can never change for a long term.

9) Tree Octopus Are Endangered Species

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This dire situation is because of the suburb encroachments, the building of roads, excessive deforestation, predation of foreign species, booming population of predators such as bald eagle and sasquatch.

Many tree octopus even lost their lives when the octopus hats came into fashion. Even though they are harmless to humans still they are demonized.

10) Reality Behind Tree Octopus

Source = Staticflickr

No such organism exists in reality. It is a fascinating story which was depicted in the most natural way. The article which you might have read on the internet are a hoax of the websites to play with the minds of the younger generation who totally believe in the photographs and videos which are nothing but the art of animations.

This hoax was created by Lyle Zapato in 1998. So better be aware of the information provided on the net because most of the things provided aren’t correct and unreal. So be skeptical while reading anything on the internet because it is ‘Place Of Fun’ for others.

Use your common sense before falling for any information provided on the internet. All the things mentioned on the internet is not true.


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