10 Funny & Bizarre National Days You Didn’t Know Are Celebrated Across the World

Holidays are always fun. Do you know that 23rd January is celebrated as National Handwriting day? It is celebrated because the art of writing is gradually losing its importance with each passing day. Know more about some bizarre holidays that are observed annually.

5 years ago
10 Funny & Bizarre National Days You Didn’t Know Are Celebrated Across the World

How often do you look up the calendar to check upcoming holidays? Are you happy with the national holidays you currently have? Or do you still think that you deserve to have more days of rest?

While you are aware that there is a long list of national celebration days, you might not know that there are various fun holidays that are celebrated across the world.

Check out this list of crazy holidays enjoyed on the online platforms and offline too.

1. Kiss A Ginger Day

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Kiss a Ginger Day is celebrated on 12th January across the world. On this day, tell that special ginger (someone special) how much you care and love them by giving them a kiss. This holiday has been celebrated since 2009. So, if you also have a ‘ginger’ in your life, show them love by giving them a kiss on either cheek or lips.

2. Blame Someone Else Day

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Blame Someone Else Day is a unique holiday in the list that is celebrated on the ‘first Friday’ which falls on 13th in the yearly calendar. It is a day dedicated to not taking responsibilities for any of your failures.

This holiday was created in 1982. Anne Moeller of Clio, Michigan the founder of this day said that her alarm didn’t turn off on Friday the 13th. Due to this, she reached office and had to make excuses throughout the day. (3.1)

3. Crush A Can Day

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It is not new to organize ‘Crush a Can’ party on 27th September. Collect a bunch of used cans, bottles, and ask your friends to crush those cans. Crush the cans out of frustration, stress or in anger. We are pretty sure you will love crushing those cans and won’t run out of ideas. September is just a month away so, are you planning to celebrate this special holiday with friends?

4. Proofreading Day

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In the honor of teachers, English professors, and parents who proofread all your assignments, papers and sometimes even text messages, Proofreading day is celebrated on 8th March. This holiday promotes error-free communication and motivates everyone to improve his/her proofreading skills. So, thank your proofreader on 8th March every year.

5. World Sleep Day

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Raise your hand if you can sleep at any time of the day. Getting enough hours rest is really important. To raise awareness about a good sleep, the World Sleep Day event is organized by the World Sleep Day committee. This celebration day is observed annually on the Friday before the March equinox.

6. Opposite Day

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Can you call it as a Confusing day? Either way, people across the country celebrate this national holiday as a fun day. Celebrate Opposite Day by saying goodbye when you are welcoming people at your home, or call any sick person for work in the office hours. It is a kind of prank that you can play on your friends and family. It is an unofficial holiday celebrated every year on the 25th January.

7. Joke Day

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Take some time out of your busy schedule to remember how humor helps in releasing stress. This crazy holiday falls on 1st July. Celebrate joke day by attending a live comedy show, by learning a joke or by reading some humor pieces online or offline.

8. National Spaghetti Day

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Do you love Spaghetti? Well, then you can also celebrate this day on 4th January. On this day, people celebrate this delicious dish by serving their families the different versions of it. If you crave for this yummy cylindrical pasta, then grab a fork and enjoy a bowl full of it on Spaghetti day.

9. Wear Pyjamas To Work Day

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How often do you think there should be NO formals day in office? Do you also agree that once a week your boss should allow you to work in Pyjamas?

Well, you can also celebrate this crazy holiday if you are living in the US. Each year on 16th April, people grab their favorite Pyjamas and sleepwear and spend the entire day in something super comfy.

10. National Pizza Day

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This unique holiday is celebrated annually on 9th February. Whether you are offering a deep dish, American style or thin crust, pizza is loved by all. On this national day, people enjoy different variations of pizza with friends and family. So, celebrate this day by grabbing a slice of pizza with your favorite toppings on it.


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