10 Most Haunted & Spookiest Tunnels From Around the World

Dark nights, haunted places and ghostly tales are enough to make you feel scared. Right? But do you know along with the scariest places, there are many tunnels also which are known for there creeping stories, let’s find out here.

6 years ago
10 Most Haunted & Spookiest Tunnels From Around the World

Nearly all of us have heard some uncanny and terrifying ghost stories, but at times it really hard to digest all the creepy words until on encountered such incidents or read on some real life uncanny stories. However, Some people act brave, but the fact remains that a few uncanny stories are spooky, like really spooky. Especially the stories about haunted place and tunnels.

With the added possibility of a ghost's scream or even physical harm, tunnels have now become the hot topic to discover. These 10 most haunted tunnels that have been mentioned in this piece will scare you badly.

1) Moonville Tunnel

Source = Atlasobscura

The railway tunnel of Moonville is  one of the most terrifying tunnels in the world. According to legends, the spirit of a man having lantern appears inside this tunnel who was hit by a train in the 1800s; still roams inside the tunnel. Even there was a warning message sign for train conductor to avoid any lights they may see in the tunnel.

According to some ancient source, this narrow railroad tunnel killed many people trying to rush through it as a shortcut. That’s why in 1986 it gets stopped but the spirit remains in the same tunnel. (3.1)

2) The Screaming Tunnel

Source = Wp

Screaming Tunnel, located in the north-west of Niagara Falls. As per the sources, this screaming tunnel is still echoing with a dying scream of a girl who burnt alive there. Although, there is different sort of stories belongs to this tunnel but most of the people believe that one night, a girl came in the tunnel where she was set on fire by her father and some people believe that she was raped and burnt to hide evidence. The legend says that if you stand in the center of the tunnel and light a match, the match will go out. You will then hear the screams of the dying girl. (3.2)

3) Sensabaugh Tunnel

Source = Galaxant

Hold on and read carefully, according to some localities if you stop your car inside this tunnel, you may hear a baby's cry. Isn’t it terrifying?  Well, yes Sensabaugh Tunnel, one of the most haunted and scariest tunnels in the world that was built in 1920 in Tennessee. Various haunting stories are there allied to this tunnel that can probably creep out any person entering the tunnel. According to some local people, the story behind the tunnel is revolving around a death of baby girl which was kidnapped and then murdered in the tunnel. So, if you drive through the tunnel make sure your engine doesn’t turn off in the middle otherwise it won’t start again. (3.3)

4) Merritton Or Blue Ghost Tunnel

Source = Robertsewell

Due to its name, people often think that the tunnel would be blue. But, that’s not the case. The merritton tunnel located in Southern Ontario is much longer than the screaming tunnel. According to some sources, there was a man (paranormal investigator) who reportedly saw a blue smog or something unusual there and that was the time this tunnel become a popular attraction. Apart from this blue mist, the tunnel is holding various spirit, including two engineers and a fireman. (3.4)

5) Hoosac Tunnel

Source = Oxx

Hoosac tunnel builds in 1876 is the largest tunnel in North America. According to some source, you will hear a strange and threatening voice in the tunnel. Around 195 people died during the construction period of the tunnel by facing some sudden accidents. This clearly influenced ghost stories of the tunnel. One strange thing about this tunnel is that it still carries the train.

6) Tunnel No. 33 On Shimla-Kalka Train Route

Source = Blogspot

This haunting tunnel belongs to India. Tunnel No 33 on the Kalka-Shimla train route is one of the scariest places in Shimla. According to some historical reports, there was a Captain name, Barog, a British engineer took charge of building this tunnel but failed to accomplish the target. After that, he killed himself out of humiliation. According to some rumors, his spirit still roams in the tunnel and have friendly conversations with those who see him. Along with this Captain story, people also believe that they have seen a woman who runs and screams loudly and then gets vanish.

7) Big Bull Tunnel

Source = Pinimg

There is something strange about these tunnels that make it too spooky. Right? We have another tunnel in the list i.e. Big Bull Tunnel, it is a short rail tunnel in Virginia. Sadly the tunnel has experienced death, firstly a man was scalped in 1901 and second one falling off a train 1904. Even after one year, a train broke down and people started framing ghost stories allied to this tunnel. (3.5)

8) Shanghai Tunnel

Source = Wikimedia

Shanghai Tunnel is also known as Old Portland Underground Tour located in Portland, US. According to some ancient sources, people have heard some weird voice there. However, the major functionality of the tunnel was to connect basement of many hotels to the waterfront of the Willamette River. There are lots of stories popping up related to some criminal affairs as well but there is no clear evidence yet. But what haunts the most is the weird voices and screams voice. (3.6)

9) Twin Tunnels

Source = Tumblr

Twin Tunnel, this tunnel is popular for the dreadful event happened several years ago. According to locals, a lady hanged herself along with her baby at Twin Tunnel. The baby was died by hitting the ground when mother released her self. After this incident, this tunnel is haunted by the woman and her child and the locals suggested not visit this tunnel at night as baby cries are often to have listened there at night. (3.7)

10) Gold Camp Road Tunnel

Source = Apstatic

This is another a scary tunnel which is haunted by some kids’ spirit. Reportedly several years ago the tunnel roof collapse down on the school bus in which nearly all kids died including the driver. This dreadful tragedy happened in 1987.  According to evidences anonymous kid’s fingerprint found on the vehicles passing the tunnels and people also heard the screaming voice of the kids. (3.8)


Without any doubt, we can say that haunting stories and paranormal activities have something that can really be a goosebumps situation for you and these 10 haunting tunnels are not exception.


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