15 Bizzare & Epic Examples of Mandela Effect That Will Leave You Speechless!

Be Alert! It is not a case of mistaken memory but something that never occurred, it is “Mandela Effect”. In this article, we have shared 15 epic and weird examples of Mandela effects, have a look.

6 years ago
15 Bizzare & Epic Examples of Mandela Effect That Will Leave You Speechless!

We bet you have come across the Mandela Effect at least once in your life. We the new-age people are too crazy about the internet blogs, e-news and lot more. Often the news seems like crazy to us but, are all the news are true? Well, now here comes the “Mandela Effect”. It is a simple phenomenon where a large number of people remember something that didn't actually happen.

People often forget that gossip columns are not right all the time, maybe they just creating buzz or developing Mandela Effect, right? They used to believe in that may be because the news caused much controversy on the internet. Well, it is surely not a case of mistaken memory but, an imaginary event.

So, do you remember some of the case or example where we can say that Mandela Effect occurs? No, don’t worry we are here with some of the epic example allied to Mandela Effect, keep on reading:

1) Nelson Mandela Death

Source = Wp

When it comes to Mandela Effect, Nelson “Mandela False Death Event” is something that immediately strikes in our mind. Nelson Mandela, the famous political leader of South Africa and President (from 1994 to 1999) has actually died on 5 December 2013 at the age of 95. But, there are few people belong to different countries remember Mandela dying in prison in the 1980s.

It’s really bizarre, well only God Knows why they thought like that but the situation became even weirder when they said that they saw his funeral broadcasted on TV.

2) The Berenstain Bears Books

Source = Sev.h-cdn

Remember the cutest bear family Berenstain Bears! No wonder people loved it like crazy especially the kids. It is a beautiful and cherished childhood memory that often become part of Mandela Effect. Yes, the book actually spell as “Berenstain Bears” but a lot of people have confusion and they used to spell it Berenstein rather than Berenstain.

3) We Are The Champions of ….What?

Source = List25

“We Are the Champions”, how can we forget this popular song? Many people think that the popular Queen Song We are the Champions is ended with We are the Champions of the world. Well, in reality, there is no such phrase at the end -”in the world”.

4) Pikachu’s Tail

Source = Narvii

Video games, animated television show, etc are some of the terms that instantly strikes in our mind when we talk about Pikachu. How can we just miss Pikachu,  One of the famous species from fictional creature Pokemon. People used to think that the tip of Pikachu’s tail is black.

The gossip of a black mark on his tail garnered so buzz in fact people were so obsessed with that black mark. But, Again this is a Mandela Effect we would say because you can see lots of pictures of Pikachu and his tail tip is not black for sure.

5) Curious George Tail OR No Tail?

Source = Wattpad

The famous American animated television series Curious George is another target of Mandela Effect. Yes, you got it right there are so many people who claim that they saw Curious George with his tail but, in the television series the monkey  Curious George never really had a tail. Now, this is again strange like how can they even claimed it if nothing was ever shown in the series. Maybe they thought it is a monkey and all the monkeys have a tail. LoL!

6) Oscar Meyer- Spelled Wrongly

Source = Kym-cdn

Another Mandela Effect is also allied to wrong spelling, remember the prominent brand of hot dogs and lunch meats “Oscar Mayer”. Many people used to write it for Oscar Meyer but it is Mayer, not Meyer!

7) Mona Lisa is Smiling In The Painting

Source = Pinimg

The famous painting of Mona Lisa is unmatched, right? Was she really smiling in that painting? Well, some people say yes while on the other hand, some say no she was not.

We can say people are just misremembering the painting or something like that happened to them. Also, scientists believe that the painting was not smiling it is a sort of optical illusion.

8) Magic Mirror On The Wall - Not Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Source = Zimbio

Disney has the bundles of astonishing movies and famous character and one of them is Snow White. The classic film Snow White is one of the highly admired films so its character. Even the evil queen and her magic mirror were one of the centers of attraction of the movie.

Do you remember her favorite magic line?  Well, the line was  "magic mirror on the wall." but people used to say it “Mirror, Mirror on the wall”. We would say that people misremember it

9) Kit-Kat OR KitKat

Source = Qz

Well, we know KitKat is really good tickle your taste buds but, we are not here talking about its taste but of-course the “Mandela Effect”. Some people have the misconception that Kit Kat has a dash and it seems like “Kit-Kat” but in reality, it is only KitKat. Means there isn’t any dash for sure.

10) Portrait of Henry VIII

Source = Imgur

The classic portrait of Henry VIII is so beautiful, but unfortunately again a cause of Mandela Effect. Many people remember seeing a painted portrait of Henry VIII holding a turkey leg in one hand. The portrait was made by Hans Holbein. Well, you can see the picture, there is no leg in his hand, in fact, the picture is stunning and reflecting king´s comfortable lifestyle.

11) Number of US States

Source = Geology

OMG, seems like the Mandela Effect is a bit powerful. It is a basic general knowledge that The United States of America is consisting of 50 states, right? But, there are many people said that the United States of America has 51 or even 52 states.

12) Jif Peanut Butter

Source = Ipirotissa

So, it's time to discuss some history of peanut butter. The Mandela Effect of Jif or Jiffy Peanut Butter is another popular one. Jif Peanut Butter is the leading peanut butter in the United States but, a memory recalling it as “Jiffy Peanut Butter”.  Some people were really confused whether it is Jif or Jiffy.

13) It’s Not Fruit Loops but, Froot Loops

Source = Ytimg

Some call it Fruit Loops, some say it was Fruit Loops during their childhood and later on changed to Froot Loops. Many people claim that this change happened years ago while some say that they just identified the changes. Well, God Knows the truth but, for now, you can Google it and you will see Froot Loops on all the packets.

14) If You Build It, They Will Come

Source = Ytimg

Again the Mandela Effect here, do you remember the famous quote from the movie “Field of Dreams”. Well, the real quotes are "If you build it, he will come" bit often people referred to it as If you build it, they will come"

15) Hello, Clarice

Source = Memegenerator

So, it's time to remember the famous line “Hello, Clarice”  from the movie “The Silence of the Lambs”. But, for your information it never happened, yes when Clarice first meets Hannibal Lecter, he just says Good Morning and nothing else, as people misremember!

It is really surprising to know that there is a group of people collectively misremember a fact or an event. You can call it bizarre or fun thing, either way, you cannot avoid the Mandela Effect.


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