21 Bizarre Traditions In The World You Won't Believe That Exist!

World is full of strange things. Every religion is unique in its own way; they have different beliefs and myths that make them d...

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21 Bizarre Traditions In The World You Won't Believe That Exist!

World is full of strange things. Every religion is unique in its own way; they have different beliefs and myths that make them different from the rest. You might have read about the bizarre customs and traditions that were followed long ago by old people, but do you know those traditions are still followed in few states. Yes, the world has changed a lot but, those old customs have still locked some states around the world.  Read more and know about the some strange traditions that are followed over the globe which cannot be favored in any way.

1) Gloves covered with Bullet Ants

After reaching a certain age, boys of the Amazonian tribes have to prove their maturity and for this they have to wear a glove that consists of deadly creatures called bullet ants. What! Yes, this is true and this is not enough after wearing the gloves they also dance for 10-15 minutes.

2) Search in Love, Men Enter Room of Eligible Spinsters

In the eastern parts of Himalayan kingdom, young men go out for the search of their love. During the night they break into the rooms of an eligible spinster. This tradition is called Bomena. If person is caught spending the night there, they have to marry that girl.

3) Bali – Women get their teeth filed

In Bali, women get their teeth filed for preparing themselves for marriage. This is believed that smooth teeth are a sign of bad emotions like jealousy and lust.

4) Yanomami - Ash is blended in a plantain sop

It is believed that if someone dies in Yanomami, his/her ash is then blend in a plantain soup which is to be drunk by his/ her family member.  This is done so that the soul of the dead person will live this way forever.

5) India, New Born is thrown from 50ft

In this tradition new born baby is thrown from a height of 50 ft and then baby is caught in the cloth below. This ritual is followed by the couple who visit Sri Santeswar temple for the child. This tradition is 500 years old.

6) Body piercing with sharp Objects

Source = Diarytopnews

In Thaipusam, People get their body pierced with sharp objects to celebrate the victory of Lord Murugan against the evil spirit.

7) La Tomatina in Spain

Source = Quirkyguide

Have you ever discover the grimy yet pleasurable food fight? No, then you must explore La Tomatina, a tradition in Spain. It is an amusing yet messiest tomato fight in the world. Since 1945 it has been held on the last Wednesday of August in which everyone on the streets throws tomatoes to each other, just for enjoyment. (3.1)

8) Cinnamon Tradition At Denmark

Source = Mirror

So it's your 25th birthday. Are you still single and resides in Denmark? If yes then, be ready for the cinnamon attacks. Sounds interesting yet strange, isn’t it? In Denmark, there is a bizarre tradition that when you turn 25 years old and still single then, you will get a cinnamon shower all day. Your friends and relatives will trap you to perform this tradition. (3.2)

9) Famadihana Funeral Tradition

Source = Wikimedia

We guess, the heading has already created so much curiosity and obviously, you want to uncover what exactly this funeral tradition is? Well, there is a funerary tradition in Famadihana in which people are supposed to do dancing with dead bodies (ancestors). They used to cover the body with fresh and clean cloth and dance around the tomb to live music. Also, they immolated animals and that distributed the meat to various guest and family members. (3.3)

10) Sweet Coins Tradition in Bolivia

Source = Emaze

This is probably the sweetest tradition you’ve ever heard about. If you are someone loves to eat cakes, pie and other baked desserts then, Bolivia is your place. Well, you will not get ordinary cakes, something very special is waiting for you.

In New year’s eve at Bolivia, coins are baked into sweets and they believe that whoever finds the coins will have endless happiness and good luck throughout the year.

11) Broken Plates Tradition In Denmark

Source = Okeinfo

Usually, people welcome New Year with lots of celebrations that  include tempting food, drinks, fireworks and yes the big clock, right? But, Denmark is truly an exception. Surprisingly, in Denmark smashing plates and throwing it at a door is a symbol of good luck affection that means you have a bundle of good friends and relatives. Simple means the number of smashed plates will reflect how much people love you. (3.4)

12) Monkey Buffet Festival In Thailand

Source = Thailandtravel

Everyone wants to captivates good luck and in order to bring good luck, Thailand people follow a ritual called as Monkey Buffet Festivals. The festival held on the last Sunday of November and you will get amazed to see monkeys enjoying eating fruits, sweets and even opening a can of coca cola. The festival includes many more activities like live music, dancing, money mask and lot more. (3.5)

13) Battle Of The Oranges

Source = Dalmatiaevents

We all have heard about so many battle and fights but, have you ever discover about a fight without guns? The Battle of the Oranges is the name, in which the major weapon is orange. Sounds interesting, isn't it? This festival celebrated in an Italian city. More than 500 grams of fresh oranges are bought for this Battle and people (In the form of the organized group) used to throw oranges. (3.6)

14) Bathroom Ban In Tindong Community

Source = Indiatimes

There is a strange wedding tradition in Indonesia that the newlyweds couples belong to a Tidong community are not allowed to use washroom for three days after marriage. Their relatives or family members used to supervise them and they believe that if the couples break the rule then it will bring bad luck in their marriage. (3.7)

15) Biscuit With Aniseed Balls

Source = Iamexpat

Biscuit with little mice, it might sound really nasty and horrible too but, this is a very important tradition of Holland, in which the food is traditionally served to celebrate the birth of a baby. They use while or blue color balls for boys and pink of the baby girl. (3.8)

16) Graveyard Camping, Chile

Source = Ecophiles

This is a strange New Year tradition belongs to Chile. In which Chileans used to go graveyard and celebrate the new year’s eve with their dead relatives followed by candles and some classical music. (3.9)

17) Foot Binding

Source = Wikipedia

Foot Binding is a highly admired custom belongs to China in which young females applied tight binding in their feet in order to change the shape of their feet. They believe this foot binding as a sign of beauty. But as all traditions are not meant to bestow good things; the same case arises here, this tradition leads to disability in various women of China. (3.10)

18) Time Tradition In Venezuela

Source = Scoopwhoop

Seems like Venezuelans don’t like punctuality in events, according to them reaching on time on any gathering or event is considered rude. It is good to reach at least 15 minutes later than the scheduled time. Guests who reach on time are considered as eager and greedy.

19) Camel Wrestling Festival In Turkey

Source = Event-carnival

Often people explore bull fighting or wrestling but, have you ever heard about Camel Wrestling? If no then, read on here. People in Turkey are too fond of a festival i.e. Camel Wrestling Festival in which two male camels fight it out with each other. It is most popular in the Aegean region of Turkey. Apart from this region, this tradition is also practiced in some other areas of the Middle East and South Asia. (3.11)

20) Blackening! The Wedding Custom

Source = Macgregorandmacduff

Rituals before the wedding are too amusing and every bride truly cherished those moments. But, pre-wedding rituals at Scotland doesn’t seem pleasurable. They follow a pre-wedding custom which involves throwing eggs, spoilt milk and other bad things at her. Thereafter, bride is then taken around the town. This may be fun for other people but not sure about the bride over there. (3.12)

21) Feed The Dead With Wine In Rome

Source = Googleusercontent

This is a funerary tradition belongs to Rome. People in Rome believe in Ancient Romans' religious rituals according to which they are supposed to feed dead. Basically, they fill their graves with honey, wine or other food items with the help of pipes.

From smashed plates to swiftly eaten grapes, these are some of the more unusual alternatives to singing “Auld Lang Syne” out of tune. (3.13)


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