5 Real Life Stories Of Feral Children: A Real Jungle Book

We all get allured by the fascinating Jungle Book story. Although the story mentioned in the book is fictional but, you will be shocked with some real-life stories of feral children which is similar to a fictional one.

6 years ago
5 Real Life Stories Of Feral Children: A Real Jungle Book

Do you know about Feral children? Feral children are kids of a human who lives in the forest away from their own parents surrounded by animals from a very young age. These children do not have any idea about the cultural and social life of normal human beings. They have no experience about the human love, care, social behavior and human languages.

In the past, the idea of the children being raised by the wild animals in the forest has been romanticised by the writers, poets and entertainment industry. From Rudyard Kipling's, Jungle book to Tarzan movie all these stories have gained huge popularity with their adventures tale. All these things look fantasizing as a tale but astonishing if they are real.

Here is the list of 5 feral children who spend their lives in a forest surrounded by the animals:

1) Shamdeo India, 1972

Source = Rbl

Shamdeo has discovered in the forest of Musafirkhana 20 kilometers away from Sultanpur playing with cubs of wolves in May 1972. He had a very dark skin, long nails, matted hair, hooked fingers and had calluses on knee and elbows. The child had cravings for chicken and thus used to hunt animals. He had likings to leave in the dark and had some jackals and dogs his friends. He was taken to the nearby village and was named Samdeo. But seeing his unusual behavior, he was sent to Mother Teresa's Home Destitute And Dying where he was renamed as Pascal. But he died in 1985.

2) Oxana Malaya, 1983

Source = Wikifeet

Another terrible life of 8-year-old girl Oxana was facing. She had developed similar characteristics as of dog. She used to growl and bark like dogs. She sniffs at her food before eating it completely, she used to spend most of her time with dogs thus she had acquired good sensing, hearing and staring ability.

She lived in a kennel along with dogs. Oxana’s parents were alcoholic and they were unable to take care of their lovely daughter. Oxana had a miserable life. She even found it very difficult to master human language. After intensive therapy, she has learned some basic language for a living. Now she is around her 30’s.

3) The Leopard Boy, 1912

Source = Boredpanda

This boy was just two years old when he was taken away by a leopardess and was raised along with her cubs. Although leopardess died when the baby turned five and was returned back to the family.  He developed characteristics living with leopard and her family. He could run fast on all the fours and fought with everyone who came near him.

He was not able to speak anything but could grunt and growl. When he was returned back to the family after several years he started walking straight and he began speaking human language. Later he was found with cataract a disease which was inherited from his parents.

4) Kamla And Amla,1920

Source = Emgn

Kamla and Amla were found in a cave named reverend which was hidden under the leaves and trees. Both of them do not look like they are human children as they used to walk on fours, sleep curled up together, tore their clothes, hunt for meat and much more. They were mentally and physically deformed. They did not have any interest left in humans and their life. Being with animals they developed hearing, sensing, and visualization to an exceptional level. Amla died the following year and Kamla learned to talk and walk straight upward but she died at the age of 17 due to kidney failure.

5) Prava- The Bird Boy, 2008

Source = Featureshoot

Prava popularly known as bird boy was found in a two bedroom apartment along with dozens of pet birds. Although he uses to live with her mother she never used to converse with her son. The boy thus developed habits similar to birds. He was not able to communicate with humans but he chirps like birds. His mother used to treat her like another pet.  When the boy and her mother were discovered by a social worker, he was released from her mother and was sent to the rehabilitation center for care.

Many incidents of feral children have been reported by people all around the world out of those some we have mentioned here. But what concerns us most is that whole life of a child is being spoiled by the people who throw their children in a forest or treat them miserably. Petty on humans and shame on their thoughts!!


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