Butt Chugging – An Insane Or Precarious Way Of Consuming Alcohol?

Simply drinking alcohol is just so mainstream these days. If you are in the mood to take this method to some another level, check out this creepy practice of putting the alcohol into the rectum.

6 years ago
Butt Chugging – An Insane Or Precarious Way Of Consuming Alcohol?

In case if you are particularly unaware of this epic game and not a game but this cringy thing – butt chugging, it’s an insertion of foreign objects into the rectum.

An alcohol enema or butt changing is the act of putting alcohol into the rectum via the anus. Sounds strange, isn’t it? But the butt chuggers are not aware that is the method of alcohol consumption is quite dangerous because it leads to faster drunkenness (a condition that may result in unconsciousness) since the alcohol is absorbed directly by the blood and nullifies the body’s ability to reject it by vomiting.

Who Are Butt Chuggers?

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Butt chuggers are those who consume alcohol through his/her anus. But chugging is done either by soaking a tampon in your drink and then inserting it into the anus or by pouring the alcohol into the funnel. Sounds disgusting right? It is actually insane as this can lead a damage to your reproductive system and internal burning. Would you mind doing this? (3.1)

But There’s a point in it – Alcohol is absorbed faster through your rectum than through your mouth additionally you also don’t get to smell the alcohol. Youngsters are completely in favor of butt chugging and they are been doing well…(3.2)

Watch video below and check out who tried butt chugging

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Source = Buzzfeed

Check Out The Doctors Reactions on Butt Chugging

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Butt Chugging Effects And Dangers

Butt Chugging is the super fast method of alcohol intoxication as the alcohol gets absorbed directly into the bloodstream. The lower gastrointestinal tract (small intestine and large intestine) lacks the enzyme in the stomach and liver and breaks down alcohol into organic chemical compound acetaldehyde which is more dangerous than alcohol and is responsible for the persistent effect of alcohol. 

The high content of the alcohol could inundate the organ. Overall the alcohol enemas are quite painful and dangerous method as it can be tricky and harder to control the dose. (3.3)

A 58-year-old shop owner died with the butt chugging. He consumed two large bottles of sherry with 3 liters of alcohol. He suffered from alcoholism and had difficulty in consuming orally because of problems in throat ailment.

In 2012, University of Tennessee students (underage) disorderly conducted the alcohol enema incident at Pi Kappa Alpha chapter house.


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