7 Of The Most Bizarre & Miraculous Pregnancies Stories

Ask any individual, have they ever heard about some beautiful pregnancy experiences and most of them will say surely YES. But what about the Bizarre and unique pregnancy stories, have you ever disclosed it? No, Let us give the opportunity to introduce the 7 bizarre and miracle pregnancy stories.

6 years ago
7 Of The Most Bizarre & Miraculous Pregnancies Stories

Pregnancy is such a beautiful emotion, a magical moment that adds new meaning to your life. A period of immense joy followed by emotional chit-chats and of-course excitement.

The feeling of carrying a little soul is just beyond the definition of beauty, only a mother can feel those bunch of happiness.

A rare combination of love, lots of emotions, nervousness, and anxiety. Knowing the fact that a little angel will hold your hand soon is one of the greatest feelings a woman can ever experience.

But, we cannot deny that pregnancy experiences vary from woman to woman. And maybe the pregnancy may feel miracle & bizarre at times. There are countless stories out there regarding the miracle of life. Take a look at some of the most bizarre pregnancies ever.

1) Brain Dead Woman Gave Birth to Twins

Source = Telegraph

In 2012 a rare case happened, a 26-year-old woman who had been declared brain dead gave birth to twins at Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids, Mich. That was really a shocking incident.

Christine Bolden collapsed on March 1 while walking in Michigan, Detroit, US, and after few days she was declared brain dead. Her family members did’,t wanted to lose the babies also so they asked the doctors to keep her body alive with life support system for the babies to be born safely.

She lived on life support system for a week and due to her critical condition the sudden decision was made by the doctor to deliver the babies. The miracle actually happen and the brain dead woman gave birth to healthy twins. At that time the DR. Cosmas Vandeven, a High risk pregnancy specialist called this case “A very Exceptional Scenario”.

2) Longest Labor

Source = Dailymail

What is the longest labor you have heard about? Think your labor was the longest and exceptional? Wait until you hear this bizarre and toughest pregnancy story of a polish mom (Joanna Krzysztonek) who was in labor for 75 days straight. Can you even imagine, it is really hard to believe but the tales about her labor is absolutely true.

She is the strongest mom made so much efforts to save the life of her two premature babies. Doctors also put so many efforts and after 75 days of struggle, she had a healthy daughter and a son.

3) Youngest Mother

Source = Blogspot

We guess, the heading itself speaking a lot right? It was about May 1939 when Lina medina gave birth to her son. Reportedly she was the youngest mother. She was only 5 years old at that time, which is like unbelievable. But, what’s even  more surprising was that both mother and baby were healthy and no negative effects were found of such a bizarre pregnancy case. Although, her son Gerardo died at age of 40 from bone marrow disease but it was not linked with his unusual birth for sure. Who was the biological father of Gerardo?  It is still a mystery as Lina didn't say much about it.

4) When Age Doesn’t Matter

Source = Telegraph

Women these days act quite clever and thoughtful when it comes to plan pregnancy. Many women plan to have a baby at a certain age to ensure proper health and fertility. But, there are few cases which are really bizarre. You might be heard about Omkari Panwar known as the oldest mother who gave birth to healthy twins in 2008 when she was 70 years old. This is like really shocking to accept.  However, the twins born premature but both the babies were healthy.

5) Grandmother Or Mother?

Source = Dailymail

Well, we don’t need to explain the unconditional love of grandmother but this story will surely amaze you. A 61-year-old mother Kristine Casey became a surrogate mother for her own daughter. It was both an exceptional and bizarre case. When Kim Coseno and her husband came to know that they couldn’t give birth to a baby, they were really sad.

That time her mother came like an angel and decided to be a surrogate for her own daughter and gave birth to triplets. She acted like both as a mother and grandmother for the triplets. In an interview, she told that “It’s just another thing I am doing for my daughter”.

6) Miracle Pregnancy

Source = Img

Stacey Herald Newswise was born with a condition called osteogenesis imperfecta. Doctors said she was not supposed to have a baby. Due to that disorder, her height was only 2 feet, 4 inches. According to her physicians, getting pregnant could be harmful to her, even dangerous. Doctors even warned that a developing baby might crush her lungs and her heart. But, she didn’t care. She and her husband, Wil, wanted babies. And fortunately, they had them. It is pretty amazing to know that Herald had successfully given birth to three lovely children.

7) A Pregnant Woman Got Pregnant Again

Source = Dailymail

We all have heard about a woman pregnant with twins, but it's hard to believe that a woman pregnant with with two fetuses, but not with twins.  This is really strange! Isn’t it? Todd and Julia Grovenburg, of Fort Smith, were expecting two babies but, it was the probability that might be weeks older than the other. In medical terms this condition is known as superfetation, although the condition is quite common in animals, rarely noticed in humans. In this case, Julia, who was already pregnant, got pregnant again. At that time She was pregnant with her first daughter, Jillian, at the time.

A mother can only express the depth of the word “Pregnancy” and the stories are quite beautiful but, these bizarre and miracle stories allied to pregnancy are hard to digest but some of them are really breathtaking. What do you think?


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