Weirdest Jobs In India - No# 5 You Won’t Believe Still Exists

Looking for a job to earn some money? You must be studying for some entrance exams but these weirdest jobs in India doesn’t demand good study and..

6 years ago
Weirdest Jobs In India - No# 5 You Won’t Believe Still Exists

When you were the kid, you have been asked several times, what do you want to be when you will grow up? And your answer like a professional, I will be a Doctor, Pilot or a Civil Engineer, and may be today you are working as an engineer in IT COMPANY or a manager in the top bank.

Still, you think that you have got the worst job ever? But let me tell you are lucky enough because at least you don’t have to smell garbage and shit to earn a money. Do you know there’s even a job of crying? 

Here’s a list of some weirdest jobs in India you won’t believe exist.

1. GraveDigger

Source = Dailymoss

What did gravediggers do? When someone dies they dig graves to help the person to rest in the pit. Plus they also take out the bones later…I am still wondering is this a job? Sounds scary!

2. Rudaalis in Rajasthan

Source = Buzzfeed

Just imagine you are getting paid for crying. Rudaalis in Rajasthan are professional weepers; they are hired when a male dies in a family.  Though, it fits only for certain areas but still, crying is a job makes me wonder!

3. Paying People to become Baaratis

Guest Agencies do exist. There is an agency in Rajasthan who sends their people to be the part of the wedding functions. These people pretend to be the friends or relative of Dulha or Dulhan. Well, I think this one is really interesting. You also get to eat delicious food every time…

4. Roadside Ear Cleaner

Source = Dailymoss

Ear cleaning is considered as one of the weirdest jobs in India. It is believed that roadside ear cleaners use a long brass pick to clear the ear wax completely. (3.1)

5. Human Langurs

Source = Buzzfeed

Young persons are hired to act like langurs to scare away the monkeys. Really? I am feeling better now…atleast I am ME. It ‘s quite a good job working 9-5.  Still, can’t imagine becoming langur just to scare Monkeys…

6. Queue Guards at Metro Stations

Source = Wp

If you are so busy that you can’t even wait for your turn for a ticket, you can hire a queue guard. They stand in a line just for you to make sure that you obey the rules. It’s such a creepy job.  Height of Selfishness!

7.Paid Shoppers

Source = Intoday

I am not talking about the girls, but especially for the boys who don’t like shopping. Sometimes shopping really sucks man!  You can hire someone to shop for you. These paid shoppers will buy you anything right from your grocery to accessories and clothes. Though this job doesn’t exist in India, I wish to be accepted in India soon. Shopping is such a cool thing. I am sure it would be a great job….

But doing shopping for someone??  What are your thoughts?

Did I Help you in any way? Share your view below and let me know if there is any other weirdest job in India.


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