13 Amazing Fish Tank Designs You'd Want to Add to Your Home Right Now

Check out some fish tank designs that can be the best interior elements for your home. Fish tanks not only add beauty to the home but also offer several health benefits.

4 years ago
13 Amazing Fish Tank Designs You'd Want to Add to Your Home Right Now

When it comes to decorating a home or an office, you search for a unique idea and something that is evergreen. You look for beautiful wallpapers, DIY activities that you could do at home, art pieces, and other things. But have you ever looked for aquarium designs to keep in your home? You don’t look for an aquarium because it comes in limited designs and shapes. But you would be amazed to know that as technology is changing, aquarium designs are getting popular day by day.

Now you don’t need a separate place for aquarium. These new fish tank designs are amazing and can be fixed in a washbasin, coffee table, and wherever you want. Owning an aquarium not only beautifies your home but also offers several health benefits. According to studies, keeping the aquarium in a home reduces stress level, maintains blood pressure, and increases productivity.

Maintaining an aquarium is easy. Also, it doesn’t need more space and can be adjusted anywhere. Fishtank has always attracted people. You can see beautiful fish tanks in restaurants and cafes. Nowadays, people are keeping aquariums in their homes too.

Fish are the most beautiful creatures on earth. While some fishes like sharks are dangerous and can kill you, others are cute and can be your best companions. So how about owning an aquarium and also having a new friend at your home? Sounds good! Even if you are not interested in owning a pet, after seeing these fish tank designs, you might change your mind and own a Nemo.

Fish indeed require less maintenance in comparison to dogs and cats. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to care about fish. If you are installing an aquarium, a little check is needed for dirty water.

Check out new fish tank designs that look beautiful and can be added anywhere at home or office.

1. Balancing Fish Bowl

Source = Mentalfloss

This beautiful and unique balancing fishbowl is designed by Sheffield based design studio Psalt design. The fish tank is resting on the counter-balanced weight and is comfortable on any table. It is made from premium glass.

This balancing fishbowl is designed for fish like Splendens, Siamese fighting fish, Betta. These fishes are calm and prefer living in hotter climates of 24-degree Celsius and above. Do you like this Bubble Tank?

Tip: Keep FishBowl on a heating mat to maintain warm water temperature.

2. Two-in- One Pot

Source = Pinimg

What could be better than this? Grow plants, and keep fish in the same bowl.

Designed by Sheng-Zhe Feng and Ling-Yuan Chou, this beautiful fish tank solves your two purposes. It is a planter and a fish tank. Water fed to the plant is filtered as it passes and gets cleaned. Fish, on the other hand, turns its eaten bait into nutrients for the plant.

The size of this fish tank is small, and it can be placed anywhere in the room. Grow plant and keep the aquarium as well in your room.

3. Aquarium Sink

Source = Coolthings

I find this aquarium design one of the best fish tank designs till now. Have you seen the aquarium plus basin anywhere? Upgrade your kitchen or restroom with this modern aquarium and impress your guests.

This Aquarium sink can balance plants and fish, as well. Shaped like a regular sink, this aquarium looks perfect under the mirror. It comes with a decorative stand that is finished in wenge or chrome wood.

Right from the water pump to the filtration system, everything is fixed inside. It also has a removable top that makes cleaning easy. Additionally, it also has two circular entries for fish feeding.

4. Fishscape FishBowl

Source = Shopify

This unique Fishtank is designed by Aruliden. It features 2.5-gallon handmade fishbowl and cool textured landscape.

It has a concave bottom and resembles mountainous terrain. The textured interior is made of hand-blown glass and gives the feel of rugged terrain.

Do you think Nemo would want to leave home now? Of course Not.

5. Ceiling Hanging Fish Tank

Source = Trendir

This beautiful fish tank design takes no space and can be hanged anywhere. Available in several shapes like circle, square, rectangle, and more, ceiling hanging fish tank looks alluring at home. It works as a divider and adds beauty to the home.

The only drawback of this ceiling hanging design is it is too heavy. Therefore, it is recommended to take the help of experts to fix/install the tank on the wall. The filtration system and the cords are cleaned within the tubes, and the lights are beautifully placed on the acrylic frame’s top.

The design is eye-catching and comes at different prices. If you don’t have a budget to buy a ceiling hanging the fish tank, then select small designs like a circle or oval. Big designs come at heavy prices and might not suit your home settings. Ceiling hanging fish tank is a unique approach to home decor.

6. Headboard Aquarium

Source = Attestat

What could be better than an aquarium that allows you to surround yourself with marine life and water? The headboard aquarium is the rarest of the fish tank designs that are usually seen in a celebrity home. It covers the bed in arch-shaped and creates an underwater feel when you sleep. Imagine you are lying on your bed and fishes enjoying over your head. Looks beautiful?

The headboard aquarium design can be customized to suit your budget and to match your room settings. Also, if you want to experience underwater feel while enjoying food, then head to Europe and enjoy at this first underwater restaurant. Relish the delectable recipes and catch a stunning view of marine life.

7. Self Cleaning Fish Tank

Source = Inlandaquatics

Buying an aquarium that needs less maintenance is a great choice. The self-cleaning fish tank comes in different types. One is gravity-based that uses a pump to pull the dirty water. Another type is the water garden approach. It is a kind of aquarium with a garden floating at the top of the water. The water here is used to fertilize the plants.

biOrb aquarium with LED light is the most common self-cleaning fish tank available in the market. Its built-in biOrb technology keeps the tank clean for longer. It circulates the water and keeps it oxygenated all the time. It is made of acrylic materials and is ten times stronger than glass.

Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium is another self-cleaning fish tank that comes packed with amazing features. It looks great and is affordable. This fish tank design features a three-stage filtration system. What’s amazing is the filtration system is added at the back, so the tank looks beautiful and equipment free.

8. Jellyfish Tank

Source = Dudeiwantthat

Don’t you find jellyfish cute? If so, then how about swimming with jellyfish in a lake? Sounds good! Jellyfish Lake in Palau allows you to swim with jellyfish and enjoy marine life.

If you don’t have space, then this jellyfish tank is perfect for you. It doesn’t need much space and can be put on the counter, offices, bedrooms, and other places.

The professionals have designed several stylish jellyfish aquariums for offices and homes. It features an integrated powerful mechanical and biological filtration system and ensures optimal water quality for fish.

9. Labyrinth Aquarium

Source = Uncrate

This unique labyrinth aquarium features several interconnected bubble glass. The model of this aquarium looks like a science project. The aquarium has individually decorated bowls that look eye-catching.

The supplies and other accessories in Labyrinth aquarium can be changed. It is made from Lucite acrylic and consists of a transparent thermoplastic that makes the aquarium look clearer. Equipment like air pumps, filters, and cleaning systems come equipped with the aquarium. Most of its parts are hidden under the bowls, and thus aquarium looks clear when kept anywhere.

The only drawback of Labyrinth aquarium is that it needs space. It is designed specifically for tropical freshwater fish. What’s amazing is it includes programmable timer plugs and allows you to set when the lights would turn off/on.

10. Portable FishBowl

Source = Designrulz

When you don’t have space and do not want to leave your friend alone at home, then this portable fishbowl is a perfect choice for you. This unique concept is designed by Michal Shabtialli.

Your fish might be bored of watching the same home every day, so why not take your friend out on the weekend? The handle in the bowl allows you to carry the aquarium easily on the streets.

So, if you don’t want your friend to suffer from separation anxiety, then buy this portable fishbowl and take your Nemo wherever you go.

11. Acrylic Wall Mount Fish Bowl

Source = Shopify

Acrylic wall mount fish bowl looks enticing. With frequent water changes and proper space, this wall mount fish-bowl is great for one small fish like betta.

The outside surface of the bowl can be cleaned easily and looks attractive. It is made of lightweight, unbreakable acrylic and mounts flat against the wall. It is space-saving and can be hanged anywhere out of reach from children.

It has no lid. Also, it doesn’t have a filter, so water quality should be maintained properly. Fewer water changes may not kill fish, but then it doesn’t have a good lifespan.

12. Bird Fish Duplex

Source = Trendhunterstatic

Bird Fish Duplex is one of the most unique and beautiful fish tank designs available. This unique arrangement features two-story for birds and fish. Below the tank, it has a cage for the bird. Also, you can keep your eyes on the bird and fish at the same time. The aquarium is thermoformed and creates a space for the bird.

The design of the aquarium has been updated, and this bird fish duplex is now available in around eight designs. Don’t you find this aquarium great? I like it. But this aquarium might need more maintenance than other aquariums.

13. Television Tank

Source = Pinimg

Convert your old television into a fish tank in simple steps.  Browse the tutorials on the internet on how to convert the old TV into a fish tank and make the best use of it. But before you start a project like this, make sure that you can take care of the fish. Replace your old TV with this new television tank and impress your guests.

If you find DIY activities interesting, then create the television tank with your kids. It is budget-friendly plus looks impressive. Staring at your Nemo is probably a better job than watching boring serials. What do you think?

Final Words

You want to own a pet, but you don’t have space to keep a dog or any huge creature. Also, you don’t have time to take care of them. If you think these things are not allowing you to own a pet, then owning an aquarium is the best thing in this case.

Fish tanks are easy to maintain plus adjust in any surroundings. It doesn’t matter what kind of fish you are keeping; it is recommended to change the water frequently and regularly clean the surface to prevent algae on the surface.

Have you ever planned to decorate your home with an aquarium? If so, then take ideas from the above fish tank designs and buy one for your home. Which of the above fish tank designs attracted you the most? Drop your comments below.


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